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Theion Publishing is an independent fine edition press conceived in 2011 by David Beth and Jessica Grote. We are committed to bringing the most relevant voices of esotericism, occultism and Gnostic spirituality to an informed audience.

Offering special, Auric Editions of the carefully selected works we publish, Theion Publishing is firmly convinced that a book may potentially become alive. We consider bookmaking an alchemical process aiming at the creation of a perfect vehicle for the transformative nature of the wisdom it embeds. Through the exact fusion of outer and inner, not only a book of supreme beauty comes into being but also, and more importantly, a fetich in the true magical sense. The physical manifestation of an auric book gives birth to an entity through which a reader may enter ever deeper into the Gnosis.

Our fine editions are produced to the highest standards, aiming to inspire and seduce through the unique nimbus which only the corporeal, sacred talisman can emanate. By the constant use and interaction with such a living book as presence, the reader continuously increases the power of its spirit, creating out of every tome an individual temple containing unique doorways into the Numinous.

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