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Anathema Publishing Ltd.

Miskatonic Books proudly presents Anathema Publishing Ltd., a sanctuary for seekers of the arcane and the esoteric. Founded in 2011, Anathema Publishing stands as a distinguished beacon in the world of esoteric literature, revered for its unwavering commitment to crafting distinctly inspired and inspiring works of art.

In a realm where quality eclipses quantity, Anathema Publishing has perfected the ancient art of bookmaking and publication. With a dedication to preserving the legacy of unique literature, they’ve earned the trust of a discerning readership who seek the finest of publications. Book collectors, aesthetes, and devotees of the occult will find a haven within the pages of Anathema Publishing’s catalog.

Anathema Publishing’s modus operandi remains unwavering – they champion quality above all, ensuring that each publication is a masterpiece in its own right. Collaborating closely with erudite scribes, poets, philosophers, and visionary artists, Anathema Publishing brings to life the works of serious devotees and students of their Craft.

Books from Anathema Publishing are more than mere texts; they are magickal entities, deserving of reverence. Their commitment to full textual authenticity and artistic integrity is unwavering. With a focus on “the few” rather than “the many,” Anathema Publishing preserves the authenticity of Occult Arcana and the Powers that dwell within and beyond this world.

At Miskatonic Books, we are honored to showcase Anathema Publishing Ltd.’s offerings. Their works are a gateway to the mystical, the otherworldly, and the profound, guiding readers on a journey through the realms of the unknown. Delve into their catalog and embrace the arcane with an open heart and a humble spirit, for Anathema Publishing invites you to explore the mysteries of the occult, honoring the powers that surround us through life, death, and beyond.

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