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CULT OF GOLGOTHA by Craig Williams – Paperback Edition


CULT OF GOLGOTHA by Craig Williams – Paperback Edition

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OCTAVO Paperback Edition (1st Printing, 2021):

5.25 x 8.5 inches. 212 pages. German Binding. Gloss (Scuff Free) finish. Thoroughly illustrated throughout by Murk Jelena (B&W and Colour Illustrations), Fine typography, printed on Rolland Opaque Natural 140M quality paper.

Book is in new unread condition

Cult of Golgotha presents a mysterious and strange glimpse into a creative occult current of revealed gnostic expression: the alchemical cross-pollination of Tantric Physics and Esoteric Voudon. Gnostic Bishop Craig Williams reveals a systematic vista of quantum exploration within the Womb of the Dark Goddess and Her web-like reach into the elemental world of gnostic Voudon.

This text reveals the insidious Archonic Systems of Control which endangers the psyche and spirit of contemporary consciousness severing the individual from the chaotic and daemonic world of the Soul. Cult of Golgotha reveals a gnostic Imaginarium wherein the words of science and the imagination co-exist in alchemical symbiosis stimulating the reawakening of the Fire of the Soul. This text expresses glimpses of a unique vision for escaping the Archonic forces impinging upon the mind-body of contemporary mankind and the vital role that the Awakened Dead play in the liberation of human consciousness from Ahrimaic manipulation.

The initiate of Golgotha is a Meta-Physician of the Imaginal, a Tantric Physicist who transforms the mind-body into an atmosphere of the Ambient Dead. Drawing upon decades of initiatic work within Tantric Physics, esoteric medical sciences, and Esoteric Voudon, Cult of Golgotha is the path of the Strange Attractor and the Zandoric Mysteries, a Meta-Physics, a Forbidden Singularity…

“Docteur Williams, your work reflects the nature of Quantum reality. And perhaps hints at how the Zandorist can use occult forces to grow spiritually and shows how you are scientifically and spiritually exploring the Vodou Science.

“You must continue your work of the Zandorist, you must continue to push the boundaries of the Bio-field frequencies and establish the Elijah-Elisha connection. The Cult of Golgotha must become a Strange Attractor, a Vortex of Singularity!”

~Dr. Reginald Crosley



Preface, by Leilah Wendell
Foreword, by Agostino Taumaturgo
Introduction, by Craig Williams
Chapter 1: Shivaite Radiations
Chapter 2: Daemons and Oracles of Thibet
Chapter 3: Etherian Physics
Chapter 4: The Red Night: Trance-Missions from the Land of the Dead
Chapter 5: Voix Mortes (Dead Voices)
Chapter 6: Gnostic Lycanthropy
Chapter 7: A New Revelation: The Azure Path
Chapter 8: Quantum Vodon: Zandoric Waveform

Epilogue, by David Metcalfe ​


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CULT OF GOLGOTHA by Craig Williams - Paperback Edition CULT OF GOLGOTHA by Craig Williams - Paperback Edition
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