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How does your point system work?

Customers receive 1 point for every dollar spent at our store. Points are given as credit and can be used to pay for future purchases in full or partially. This is Miskatonic Books way of saying thanks for supporting our independent shop!  YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT at the time of your order to receive points. If you do not log in prior to purchase your points will not be collected. 

Points are an automated system that collects and tracks your points on our system automatically. They CANNOT be added after a purchase

How much are points worth?

 50 points equal $1 when cashing them in. Please note that shipping charges do not accrue points.

When are points applied to my account?

Points are added to your account when the order is complete. So for example if you purchase a title by using layaway the points will not be applied to your account until the final payment on the layaway is made and the book is shipped.

How do I find out how many points I have?

Current points and their values can be checked by customers when they are logged in under the ‘ACCOUNT’ section then click the Points & Rewards tab. There it will show you your total rewards points.

I have points and want to use them. How can I do this?

Points can be used at checkout. You can choose to apply some, all or none of your points at checkout. 

When do my points expire?

Points never expire and can continue to build as long as your account is active.


In-Stock Items: Miskatonic Books offers its customers a full 7-day money back guarantee on all products sold within the store that are damaged or not as described.  We are not Amazon or Wal-Mart and all sales are considered final unless you receive the product damaged or not in the condition described. You must return your product(s) within 7 days of receiving your order to get credit. Receiving your order is determined by the USPS tracking number. After seven days of receiving the product, all sales are final.  Products must be in new condition or in the condition shipped on older titles. Refund will be for cost of the products. Only shipping is non-refundable unless the product is defective or damaged.

Customers returning more than two orders within a year will be no longer be allowed to order through the site. We are not running a library, we are an independent bookstore and chronic returning of books and reading and handling them hurt our business model. Please ensure that you want the item prior to ordering. After two returns within a given year, your account will be canceled and your IP address will be blocked. All points accrued will be lost with account closure.

Refund on items lost in the mail will be refunded in full within 45 days of purchase. Customer must email us at that their package has not been received. Miskatonic Books will not be held accountable for lost packages that show via the tracking number that they were delivered to the shipping address specified on the order.

Layaway purchases can only be returned for refund if they are defective and no replacement copies are available.


Customers who select ‘Layaway’ as their payment option agree to the terms of Miskatonic Books Layaway plan which is outlined below:

Layaway terms:  Layaway’s cannot be modified other than paying off the layaway early. No exceptions.

The payment option of layaway will be presented at checkout if you have a minimum of $100 subtotal per shop in your cart.

Our layaway plans are based on 4 monthly payments and 25% (your first payment) is non-refundable. This includes preorders. Refundable amounts older than 30 days can only be issued in points and only upon written request, refundable amounts under 30 days will only be refunded back into the same account they were withdrawn and only upon written request.  Requests for points or cash refund (where applicable) must be sent to

If a scheduled payment is missed, the order and layaway will automatically be canceled and book(s) will go back into general store inventory and be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

First payment on layaway must be made within 24 hours of order.

Early payoffs are available, but only as a full payoff the balance. No extra payments will be accepted as the layaway is handled via a subscription through Paypal and cannot be altered.

To payoff a layaway early, please submit an email to requesting this and you will receive the remaining balance and instructions on how to make the final early payment.

Layaway purchases can only be returned for refund if they are defective and no replacement copies are available.

Payment made in Crypto Currency are not refundable in Crypto Currency, only in store credit.

Want Lists:

We no longer take want lists, however every sold out title now has an area where you can input your name and email, and you’ll be sent an email notice immediately when the book is back in stock. We find this system to be far more efficient for our customers seeking unique, rare titles.

International Shipment Delays:
Due to the Corona Virus and staffing shortages within the postal systems, please allow for delays in shipping. Post offices and custom clearance stations are running with very small staff which is causing delays in shipments. This is out of Miskatonic Books control. Shipments that would normally take weeks are now sometimes taking significantly longer to arrive. In the past we would either re-ship an order or refund an order that hasn’t arrived within 4 weeks, but due to the virus we have had to up this to 10 weeks. If you cannot wait that long then please don’t order. Once things go back to normal we will then revert back to our 4 week policy.

Orders Shipping to Australia: Orders to Australia are taking a long time to reach their destination. United States Postal service has halted most shipping classes to Australia with the exception of Express. This is the most expensive and is supposed be the fastest but we are seeing packages taking as long as 2 months or longer to arrive. If you cannot wait this long please don’t order.

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