The Goddess Seals Nearing Release Date


Proofs and prototypes have been received for the limited edition of The Goddess Seals which is due to be released in approximately one month from Azoth Press. This will be one of the first new releases of 2024!

Two editions will be available:

  • Limited edition hardcover of only 550 hand numbered copies. Book is 6×9 cloth bound with foil stamping, decorative endpapers, sewn in ribbon marker, 176 pages.
  • Deluxe leather bound limited edition hardcover of only 30 Roman Numeral hand numbered copies. Book is 6×9, 176 pages, with ribbed spine, foil stamping, sewn in ribbon marker, french marbled endpapers, and housed in a custom made clamshell box.

Nikki Wardwell Sleath is an initiated priestess in the Religious Order of Witchcraft and the founder of The Society of Witchcraft and Old Magick. After long and successful experience using the Magickal Seals from such grimoires as the Greater Key of SolomonThe Black Pullet, and the Lemegeton to enrich and empower her magickal workings, she grew frustrated that no such seals existed for the Goddesses with whom she and her students and colleagues worked. Using her experience with the grimoires and in meditative collaboration with the Goddesses Themselves, she created 13 Seals for 13 Goddesses, ranging from the Celtic Morrigan through the Hellenic Persephone and the Kemetic Hathor to the Norse Freyja and the Hebrew Lilith.

Check out some new pictures captured from the interior of the proof…

A limited number of preorders for both the limited or deluxe editions are available below…

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