PAEAN TO HECATE by Shani Oates (Signed Limited Edition Hardcover)


PAEAN TO HECATE by Shani Oates (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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77 copies in vintage vellum and green cloth with marbled endpapers. Book is in near fine condition. 

NOTE: The vintage vellum on these editions is different and unique for each book so the copy you receive may vary slightly.

The parchment was cut from late 18th and early 19th century documents which allow the original text to show as a spectral shadow through the binding.

Written as both an invocation and divine theurgic discourse this elegant and visceral volume is both a delight to the eye and a guide to the awakening soul.

Scholars of ancient magic, the Chaldean Oracles in particular, will see in this work a living example of that power of utterance long thought dead.

‘O Magnificent dark Mother of all,
Come thou from the midst of Celestial Glory
Thou whose form hides life within…
O thou re-birther of souls,
Life and Death are thy twin gifts.
Brilliant is thy primordial realm.
Time has no place in thee!’

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