CYPRIANUS: Clavis Inferni (Limited Edition Hardcover Facsimile Edition)


CYPRIANUS: Clavis Inferni (Limited Edition Hardcover Facsimile Edition)

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Book specifications:

– 115 grams bone-white soft-tone color paper bookblock
– 50 pages total
– Full color printed internal lay-out design
– Leather bound hardcover
– Black end-papers
– 23ct. gold foil sigil stamped to the front cover

Book is in near fine condition with a very light hairline scratch. Hardly noticeable.

Book size is 4.5 x 6.75

Strictly limited edition of only 180 exemplars. Each copy hand-numbered and stating its exact limitation.

Published by Aeon Sophia Press:

Cyprianus: Clavis Inferni facsimile edition.

The contents of this book:

– An Introduction written by A.D. Mercer covering the historic aspects of the works within this book.

– An essay written by JCB on Archangel Metatron and his divine and infernal aspects amd darker Qliphotic counterpart spirits.

– A short text by A.D. Mercer on the Four Demon Kings.

– Then what follows is the actual facsimile edition of the Clavis Inferni.

– An English translation of the original Latin language Conjurations.

– And placed at the end of the book is the Credits & Copyrights page.
The internal lay-out design will be printed in full color entirely and will also have the gatefold page just like the original book.

The Cyprianus: Clavis Inferni (translated Key of Hell) is a late 18th-century book for the purpose of the practice of black magic. The aim for the publication of this book is to make it available to students and practitioners who are interested in researching the grimoires of the Solomonic & Goetic Tradition. The text in the original version of the Clavis Inferni was written in a mixture of Latin, Hebrew and a cypher alphabet called ‘Transitus Fluvii’ or “Passing through the River” by C. Agrippa.Excerpt of the Introduction text by A.D. Mercer.

Despite the title of the manuscript, it is important to establish that there is no possibility that the present text is by the (in)famous St. Cyprian. Due to his supposed magical dealings, prior to his conversion to Christianity, St. Cyprians name has become attached to a wide range of magical tracts and works. Note that this is not the classic St. Cyprian, the Bishop of Carthage from the 3rd century, but the supposed Bishop of Antioch, however there is no recorded Bishop of Antioch by that name. Nevertheless the name has been linked to magical practises around the world, most notably magic from Spain and Portugal and, in particular, their respective former colonies in South America. Cyprian also features in some magical traditions in Scandinavia where he plays a central role similar to that of Faust in Germany and Central Europe, with tales of pacts with the devil etc. as well as being the supposed author of other magical tracts……

…..The manuscript itself may well fit into the Solomonic cycle of magical Grimoires as it is chiefly influenced by Agrippas Three Books of Occult Philosophy (where the author has used the Passing the River script found in Agrippas book) and by the Heptameron, which contains conjuration spells that are similar to the ones found in the present manuscript. There are also signs of influence, or at least evidence that the author had access to,other texts includingThe Grimoire of Pope Honorius and The Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses, both of which appear to be the source for the particular spellings of the names of Demon Kings used in the Clavis, indeed the use the word Clavis itself points the Solomonic cycle. Thus confirming that this is a classic grimoire for that tradition.

Excerpt of the essey On Metatron by JCB.

This book is intriguing not only because of the mystical feeling one gets when looking upon the illustrations, symbols, text and glyphs so richly inscribed upon its pages, but also because of its captivating title: Clavis Inferni sive magia alba et nigra approbata Metratona, which translates to Key of Hell with White and Black Magic approved by Metatron. By this title, the author clearly states that the workings of magical practice herein, with their formulas and words of magical significance, have had their effectiveness tested and proven under the supervision and with the blessings of none other than the archangel Metatron himself.

According to the Babylonian Talmud, Metatron is the highest-ranking angel and the supreme ruler over all who reside upon our Earthly material plane as well as over those in the Heavenly realm. As such, he is the angel closest to God and is closely associated with God as the Lesser YHVH. In the Kabbalah, Metatron is named the ruler of Kether (the Crown), the first and highest Sephirah of the Tree of Life, representing Heaven or Paradise, with its associated planetary body being Pluto. The lowest Sephirah, Malkuth, representing the material, Earthly realm the furthest from Heaven and positioned at the bottom of the Tree of Life, is represented by planet Earth and is ruled by Metatrons twin brother, Sandalphon……..


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