Occlith 0: Omniform By Joseph Uccello – SPECIAL Deluxe Antique Brown Goatskin Edition in Custom Slipcase


Occlith 0: Omniform By Joseph Uccello – SPECIAL Deluxe Antique Brown Goatskin Edition in Custom Slipcase

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Occlith Omniform 0 is 272 pages, printed on heavy art stock, in antique brown goatskin, custom slipcase, satin ribbon sewn in bookmark, marbled endpapers and hand numbered to only 55 copies.

Book is in new unread condition.

Since 1992, Xoanon and its sister publishing house Three Hands Press have pioneered the art of occult publishing, their practice driven by the philosophy that a truly magical book transcends the medium of its material embodiment. In part, this has been achieved through sublime qualities of exceptional content and artistry: original text, image, and type design which are undeniably possessed by the inspiring spirits which animate the volume. In the most potent of instances, the book coalesces by a hidden and vital anatomy, whose heart pulsates with life. Historically, the phenomenon of the magical book has appeared at the confluence of magic, mysticism, artistic inspiration and high craftsmanship. Nowhere is this as evident or beguiling as in the corpus of European alchemical texts, created in the ascendancy of movable type, where individual spiritual revelation came to inform both how the Royal Art of Alchemy was understood, and how books were made.

In collaboration with The Viatorium Press, and in the spirit of furthering the modern tradition of the Magical Book, we are pleased to publish Occlith 0: Omniform,  the first in a series from award-winning artist, typographer and printer Joseph Uccello. Containing essential texts of the Paracelsian School of Alchemy, the whole serves as an animated sourcebook of essential Hermetic philosophy and Natural Magic, vivified through the letterpress-inspired type design and Uccello’s ink and brush drawings. In addition to the lavishly-illustrated alchemical texts, Omniform includes an essential lexicon of alchemical terms, and an original Introduction by Uccello serves as the portal of ingress into this Corporeal Book. Occlith 0: Omniform is 272 pages, printed on heavy art stock, and available in the following editions:

Know therefore that severall and various chips 
or fragments fell out in the cutting or carving of
 the great mysterie, whereof some became flesh,
 of which there are infinite sorts and formes:
 others were Sea-monsters, of wonderfull variety also;
 some became herbs; others fell into wood: 
abundance into stones and metalls.

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