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New Publisher Now Selling at Miskatonic Books


Today at Miskatonic Books we are proud to announce a new publisher to the Miskatonic Books website, Sauroctonos Publishing.

The quality and attention to detail of this new imprint is exciting and we can’t wait to see more from this sensational new occult imprint.

About Sauroctonos Publishing:

Sauroctonos Publishing was born on Samhain 2021 as a way to create a project that was inevitable to postpone.

The two founders joined their creative skills to create this publishing house, one of them being a rising author well known as Zulqarnayn XII. The creativity and experience of more than 20 years in printing and design by Alyi Cordoso, make it possible for this to become a reality.

Their intention is to offer esoteric and spiritual information that has real effects on their readers, with varied and different studies to the competition, it is time to give it a spin on the traditional information that circulates in the grimoires that are regularly for sale.


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3 Responses

  1. I was interested in the subject matter and the overall presentation of the publishing was intriguing. The art in the book and the layout are indeed unique but unfortunately the translation and editing are sadly sadly lacking. I was honestly amazed it made it to the point of publishing with so many grammatical errors and translations that clearly were not proofread by an English speaking proofreader. It will stay in the collection as a unique oddity and art piece, but had I been able to sample read any of it I would have spent my money on any number of other titles from Miskatonic that are not only better written but convey much more sound workable systems. Blanket statements from the author such as “Jews and Christians hate anyone that does not share their belief system… “ , in my opinion, really took away from the value this writing had the potential of relating.

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