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Book Spotlight: The Goddess Seals


Azoth Press will release its next book, The Goddess Seals by Nikki Wardwell Sleath, in the coming months. Subtitled Sacred Magickal Symbols for Modern Magickal Practitioners, this preorder is available now in both limited and deluxe hardcovers. This will be an extremely valuable reference book for any magickal practitioner wanting to expand their connections to other gods and goddesses. The book contains information on pathworking, offerings and much more for 13 Goddess seals which include:

  1. The Morrigan: Fearlessness
  2. Persephone: Rebirth
  3. Hekate: Unlocking Mysteries
  4. Freyja: Learning Magick
  5. Lilith: Feminine Empowerment
  6. Cerridwen: Divination
  7. Diana: Protection
  8. The Valkyries: Victory
  9. Hathor: Bringing Joy
  10. Hel: Ancestral Work & Seership
  11. Fates: Manifestation
  12. Njorun: Dream Work
  13. Idunn: Healing

About the Book

This book will present newly created magickal material that has been gleaned from communications with, and respectful study of ancient Deities and their lore. When used by more and more practitioners, the seals will continue to grow in power and will provide divine energetic connections and focal points for the magick and betterment of many creative witches and magicians. The idea then is that we are learning from the magick and the ways of the grimoiric occultists of old and forging new systems that take into account the knowledge and ways of the modern-day practitioner. We are different from our ancestors in that we have access to people and information from every part of the world. We have the ability to learn about all kinds of Gods, cultures, and magickal practices. I see no reason why, if done respectfully, this wider vantage point and greater body of knowledge should not inspire our own practice of magick now. —From the author’s preface

What Are Seals?

Solomonic Seal

Seals are magickal images crafted or channeled for specific uses. There are many different dictionary definitions for the word seal, among which are “an embossed emblem, fig- ure, symbol, word, letter, etc. used as attestation or evidence of authenticity,” and “a mark, sign, symbol, or the like serving as visible evidence of authority.” Considering these definitions can help us to understand part of how and why seals work in magick. A seal is a stamp of authenticity—it’s like showing the universe that your spell is notarized and you are good to go with your manifestation. Seals are a signal that you already have valid connections to tap into the needed streams of power to ignite the work.

Seals are created in a sacred manner, and then ceremonially consecrated to serve as magickal tools for the specific purpose for which they were created. Because they are already connected to powerful energies, they can be used on the fly or incorporated into formal spellwork. These symbols have a great deal of inherent power, and in my experience, easily add a kick of enhanced energy and a natural connection to any magickal work. —Excerpted from the Introduction

Who Is The Author?

Nikki Wardwell Sleath has been a student and practitioner of magick for more than twenty-five years. She studied and trained formally in the Religious Order of Witchcraft, an initiation-based occult tradition of American Witchcraft, and is an initiated Priestess in that order. She eventually felt called to create her own tradition under the umbrella of American Witchcraft, called the Society of Witchcraft and Old Magick.

She holds a master’s degree in Integrative Health and Healing, certification as a third-degree dream teacher/ facilitator in the Robert Moss School of Teacher of Active Dreaming, and is also a Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner, and a hypnotherapist. She started her own practice performing magickally eclectic healing work, psychic readings, and more, as she has continued to provide formal training and initiation in the witchcraft of her tradition to an ever-increasing series of cherished students. During all of this, she has also had the immense honor of developing some of the most profound and important relationships of her life, her relationships with the Goddesses. This inspired her to write the book, The Goddess Seals, focusing on one of the areas of magick to which she feels the most connected, namely, the creation and use of seals to invoke and work with the Goddesses.

Author’s Intent

My intention is that in reading The Goddess Seals, witches, magicians, pagans, polytheists, and the like will find more creative magickal access to Deities through the newly enlivened symbology and methodology that I provide here. I hope that you will be inspired to have greater communication with the Goddesses whose seals are featured here, and greater successes in your magickal workings. Know that the wheels of this intended outcome are already turning, as the seals in this book have now been in use for years by myself and others in my order and have been gaining in energetic power and demonstrated effectiveness since long before this work was published. —NWS, from the book’s preface

Get the Book!

The Goddess Seals is now in production with an expected ship date of late November/early December 2023. Preorder your copy below…

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