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THAI OCCULT 2: Regions of Power by Peter Jenx Preorder UPDATE!



Peter Jenx’s amazing book THAI OCCULT 2: REGIONS OF POWER is being printed this week!

Reserve your copy of the limited here: Limited

Reserve your copy of the deluxe here: Deluxe

The first THAI OCCULT book introduced the West to the ancient tradition of Buddhist folk magic in Thailand. In this amazing sequel, Peter Jenx uses his remarkable access to Thai sorcerers to uncover fascinating regional variations of magic and mysticism, to include necromancy, death-curses, love-spells, purification rites, candle-magic, sacred herbs, minerals, mercury, and much, much more!



THAI OCCULT 2 will be available in a limited and deluxe edition. We are delighted to announce that the magic items to be inserted into the deluxe edition of The Thai Occult 2 have been created, consecrated, mailed from Thailand and safely received by Araxes Press!

The renown Ajarn Apichai has created and blessed two sets of magic items. The first consists of an engraved metal Takrut that contains three forms of traditional Thai magic: Metta for being kindly treated by others; the Yant Au Pan Yaa to aid the memory for learning; and the Yant Maha Satra Mon, to boost the magic within. The paste on the back contains bone powder from a female accident victim and a dead pregnant woman. This Prai (corpse materia) animates and energizes the Takrut.




The second set of magical items are pieces of actual death-shrouds that have been illustrated by Ajarn Apichai with a Kali charm. Kali is considered to be a very powerful deity in Thailand as she is victorious over all evil influences. The accompanying Yant is written to provide protection for whoever owns it. It protects from dangers, accidents, and evils spirits, as well as expelling malicious inner thoughts. By removing these influences and problems, it brings love, support and good things to our lives. The Yant symbols on the cloth are to bring luck and fortune, and provide bounty for our existence.


The ghost-magic of Thailand is admired and feared throughout the world. With authentic Takrut and death-shrouds embedded in the front and back covers, each of these deluxe editions will be attended by resident spirits activated by a respected ajarn, using traditional methods that have been perfected for over a thousand years. These beautiful volumes come with their own kata – a sacred chant to be recited over the book.


To say the least, we at Araxes Press are THRILLED to be bringing these unique, enchanted tomes to our customers.


Thanks and respect to Peter Jenx and Ajarn Apichai for their amazing contributions to occult readers everywhere. More pictures to come!

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