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Review Books At Miskatonic! Earn Points Towards Future Purchases 💰


As of today, we have opened up a new promotional program where reviewers who post reviews on Miskatonic Books will earn 50 points PER REVIEW. These points can be applied towards future orders. When you let us know what you think about books offered on our site, it lets us know which authors and publishers are making their mark and putting out quality books. In return, you’ll earn points which can be turned into cash immediately after the approval of reviews.

Throughout the month, we will also feature/highlight some reviews on our blog. If your review gets highlighted in our blog, you will receive an additional 250 points added to your account.

Here are a few details about this new review program…

  • You must be logged in to review books.
  • You must be a verified purchaser of the book to review (having purchased it through our site, through your account).
  • All reviews will be moderated. Only accepted reviews that are posted will earn points.
  • Both positive and negative reviews will be accepted—we want quality reviews which are informative to future book buyers. So a review of simply “Awesome book!” won’t make the cut. Reviewers don’t need to write lengthy essays, but a paragraph or two of a general review that informs buyers of the quality of the book’s production and/or content of the writing will earn credits. Feel free to keep reviews simple and direct.

Anyone with a Miskatonic Books account can earn points on purchases and now on writing reviews. To view points, simply login to our site, go to the Account link in the menu and click on the Points link in the left-hand sub-menu. The direct link to your points can be found at:

Customers who have reviewed products in the past and who have active accounts have already been credited for each review and an adjustment on your points balance is now live!

New reviews will provide us with your feedback and allow us to better serve your needs in the future with buying new books and restocking. We thank everyone who takes the time to participate in writing reviews!

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