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Book Spotlight: Gateways Through Stone and Circle—10th Anniversary Edition

Drawing Spirits Into Crystals

What many consider to be the definitive guide to drawing spirits into crystals will be making its return into print February 2024. Preorders are now up for the much anticipated 10th anniversary edition of Frater Ashen Chassan’s Gateways Through Stone and Circle. This new edition features a bevy of upgraded and expanded additions:

  • Newly edited text
  • New layout
  • New foreword by author
  • New introduction by Dr. Stephen Skinner
  • Upgraded illustrations
  • New photographs added

In the quest for effective discourse with the cosmos’s most potent beings, “Gateways Through Stone and Circle” is your definitive guide to drawing spirits into crystals. No longer will you need to rely on theoretical analyses or guesswork. This is your opportunity to replicate a reliable system of magic, resurrected and brought to life as closely as possible to its historical origins. Don’t miss the chance to embark on this enchanting journey—order your copy today and begin drawing spirits into crystals like never before.

“It is my hope this work will continue to inspire and motivate the sincere student of evocation and angelic communication through the years. In whatever form it takes and evolves, my sincere desire is for others to appreciate the awe inspiring visions and tutelage the celestial beings can bring for the betterment of humanity.”

—Frater Ashen Chassan, from the Foreword

Preorders are now live for 2 new editions: limited hardcover and Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover in Custom Traycase.

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