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We’re about a month away from the expected release of the 300-copy final printing of J.T. Kirkbride’s Saturn Rising & Into the Void from Aeon Sophia Press. This release features the Into the Void Monographic Grimoire book which bridges between the main works of Saturn Rising and the forthcoming book scheduled for release in 2023: Saturn Rising Volume 2.

Saturn Rising

Saturn Rising is a talismanic grimoire promoting the veneration, worship and pursuit of death in all its formless glory, whether manifesting as death-as-ending, death-as-change, or death-as-rebirth. While it may appear that creation and destruction are the two ends of a very broad spectrum, this work serves to guide the reader to the understanding that they are but two sides of a very thin coin, remaining forever inseparable. In order to create a work of art, we must first destroy a virgin canvas. Before we are able to compose a piece of music, we must likewise destroy the sanctity of silence. When we choose to create more Life for ourselves, we must also understand how—and what it means—to Die.

Saturn Rising is a unique grimoire which aims to further the conscious acceptance and understanding of the death current, even to the point of venerating this ubiquitous and universal element within the natural world, of which the spiritual and magical realms are but a small part. The first section of Saturn Rising—entitled “Theory”—concerns itself with exploring the three principal manifestations of death energies; that is, death as an ending, as change, and as a rebirth. The second section of Saturn Rising—entitled “Practise”—deals with the real-world application of established Western Ceremonial Magical techniques, the standardization of fundamental magical definitions using scientific methodology, the construction and employment of ritual tools, the nuances of magical timing, and much more. The book closes with a selection of rituals designed to initiate the practitioner into the current of Saturnian death-cultism.

Into the Void

Subtitled The Suicidal Initiation of Mars in Saturn, Into the Void is a hands-on workbook for those who already have familiarized themselves with the subject matter and system of magic as presented by the author in Saturn Rising.

About the Publisher

Aeon Sophia Press is an independent publisher of esoteric and occult books that provide new and interesting approaches, interpretations, and views from within the modern study and praxis of the magical artes. It stands as a nexus for individual authors and artists who seek to publish unique and intriguing works of little known modes of operation and/or philosophies developed by practitioners whose practices run coterminous with other more popular currents and traditions.

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