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Book Spotlight: LIONESS

Lioness: Song of Innana

Introducing “LIONESS: The Song of Inanna” by Samuel David, a remarkable addition to the esoteric and occult offerings at Miskatonic Books, a treasure trove for those drawn to ceremonial magic, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, witchcraft, Golden Dawn mysteries, gothic ghosts, dark fantasy, classic horror, and supernatural fiction. Published by Grayle Press in a limited run of 500 hand-numbered copies, this exclusive edition is a rare gem for true enthusiasts of the ancient and mysterious.

Bound in resplendent golden bookcloth and crimson calf, adorned with the sacred scarlet foilstamp of Inanna’s Star, “LIONESS” is a tactile and visual marvel. Encased in a sturdy slipcase of black Milbank linen, featuring exquisite gold foilstamp cuneiform epithets, this volume is a collector’s dream.

Within its 106 pages of smyth-sewn cream 100 lb stock, you’ll find the evocative verses of a Hymn to Inanna, a sacred work not published for over three millennia. Samuel David, renowned for his Mesopotamian esoteric writings, has crafted a masterpiece that rekindles the ancient flame once ignited by Enheduanna, history’s first known author.

The heart of “LIONESS” is a haunting hymn, taking readers through call-and-response invocations in which the hierophant beckons Inanna by her traditional epithets, each adorned with stunning cuneiform depictions in rich scarlet ink. Inanna’s responses, conveyed in ravishing, lyrical declarations, reveal her multifaceted nature—the blood-hungry lioness of the battlefield, the passionate lover, and the benevolent astral queen.

This exquisite volume is not only a literary treasure but also an educational resource. It includes a concise yet informative essay on the cult of Inanna, a glossary, a pronunciation guide, and a reading list, making it an invaluable addition to any occult library.

“LIONESS: The Song of Inanna” is destined to become a classic, offering a uniquely beautiful and authentic gateway to a goddess of unparalleled scope and power. It’s a must-have for enthusiasts of ancient mysteries and esoteric traditions. Order your copy today and embark on a mystical journey into the heart of ancient Mesopotamia.

LIONESS: THE SONG OF INANNA by Samuel David – Limited Edition Hardcover


Published by Grayle Press 500 hand-numbered copies Four beautiful illustrations and ten red cuneiform epithets by Rowan E. Cassidy Bound in golden bookcloth and red calf with scarlet foilstamp of Inanna’s Star Sturdy slipcase bound in black Milbank linen with gold foilstamp cuneiform epithet 106 pages of smyth-sewn cream 100 lb stock Saffron and scarlet…

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