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Limited Aleister Crowley T-Shirt


Just announced: Miskatonic Books and Unearthly Apparel have released a co-branded new limited Aleister Crowley t-shirt design sold exclusively through our shopfront. This shirt is limited to only 66 owners which will make it extremely rare, but even harder to get since the production limitation on the sizes are as follows:

SizeQty. Available
Small (S)6
Medium (M)9
Large (L)14
Extra Large (XL)14
Aleister Crowley T-shirt
Aleister Crowley T-shirt back

Besides these shirts being exceptionally well-made (they’re lightweight and soft), there’s a unique collector’s element to them. With each purchase, a Renewable Physical NFT is minted which gives each shirt a contract and token number on the blockchain (a digital ledger). This innovative technology ensures the authenticity and limited availability of these exclusive Aleister Crowley T-shirts.

The inclusion of Renewable Physical NFTs not only adds value to the shirts but also provides a seamless way for owners to showcase their ownership. By having a token number on the blockchain, the design’s exclusivity is validated, allowing owners to truly stand out in a crowd. Additionally, this integration of blockchain technology introduces a new dimension to the concept of ownership, offering a whole new level of transparency and trust between buyers and creators.

You may be wondering how these NFTs can benefit you even if you’re not familiar with Web3 or blockchain technology. Well, rest assured that you don’t have to transfer or do anything with your NFTs if you don’t want to. Each purchase entitles you to a certification of authenticity, stating your unique number in the production lineup. This certificate serves as a tangible proof of your ownership, something you can proudly treasure and pass down to future generations.

However, for those who wish to explore the full potential of their NFTs, Unearthly Apparel offers exciting opportunities. If you decide to sell your NFT rights, you can easily list them on the Unearthly Apparel marketplace, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. The marketplace allows buyers and sellers to connect, facilitating the transfer of ownership without compromising the original shirt itself. In this way, you have the chance to not only enjoy wearing your Aleister Crowley T-shirt but also potentially make a profit by selling the associated NFT.

As mentioned before, these limited edition Aleister Crowley T-shirts will be released on January 8, 2024, or even sooner. Given the unique features and collector’s appeal of these shirts, it’s highly advisable to secure your preferred size by preordering as soon as possible. By doing so, you ensure that you won’t miss out on the opportunity to own a truly exclusive piece of apparel that combines exceptional craftsmanship, blockchain technology, and the enigmatic aesthetics of Aleister Crowley. Don’t delay, reserve your shirt today and join the growing community of discerning fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of style and innovation.

Aleister Crowley T-shirt (Limited)


Collectors Perks ⭐️ This limited design will be reproduced on only 66 total T-shirts and then be retired. Each shirt comes with an original digital certificate of authenticity. A bonus full color printed certificate is included with all shirts purchased in presales only. An NFT will be minted for each T-shirt, transferable to each buyer…

Earn up to 52 Points.

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