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Out of Stock Notifications

A very popular feature with our customers is the ability to sign up for out of stock notifications on our site. The Miskatonic Books staff is always striving to enhance the customer experience by introducing innovative features. One such feature is the out of stock browser page, where interested collectors can view books that we have sold in the past but currently do not have in stock. This page serves as a valuable resource for book enthusiasts who are keen on tracking down unique editions.

To further streamline the process, we have incorporated a convenient opt-in subscription option on each product page. By opting in, you can receive a notification as soon as we obtain more stock of the desired book. This ensures that you stay one step ahead of other collectors and have the opportunity to acquire the book you are after before it’s even publicly available.

For easy management of your subscriptions, we have added a dedicated subscription list to each user account. This list provides a comprehensive overview of the products you have currently signed up to receive notifications on. To access this feature, simply log in to your Miskatonic Books account and navigate to the subscription list. Here, you can review and update your preferences based on your changing interests and availability.

We believe that this new feature will greatly enhance your book hunting experience. By subscribing to out of stock notifications, you not only gain exclusive insight into our inventory updates but also enable us to better understand your preferences. This allows the Miskatonic Books team to curate our collection to match the desires of our valued customers. So why wait? Explore the out of stock browser page, opt in for notifications, and embark on a thrilling journey to discover the rare and fascinating books that you’ve been searching for. Happy hunting!

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