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Due to the number of requests we’ve received to be alerted to new limited products on a more timely basis, we’ve added the Miskatonic Alerts Notification e-mail system that will be sent to opt-in subscribers.

These notifications will be sent daily to subscribers only when new, limited items have been added to our shopfront.

This will not replace our weekly newsletter, but act as an additional option for those collectors who are afraid of missing out on a rare new title listed at Miskatonic Books. We suggest those who opt-in to the daily alerts also stay subscribed to the weekly newsletter as it will contain important additional content that’s less time-sensitive, but also won’t appear in the daily alert e-mails.

The daily alerts will be the first source for new limited title announcements, before any posts are made on social media. The only faster method of getting up-to-the-minute info is to check the website multiple times each day.

For those who want to limit the amount of e-mails you receive, the weekly newsletter is your best option, with all the week’s news delivered every Wednesday.

To opt-in or out of any list, please log in to your Account Page, scroll down to the Newsletter Subscription section and check the boxes of which lists you want to be subscribed to.

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