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The Occult Review #3


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THAI OCCULT 2: Regions of Power by Jenx – Hand Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover

In addition to the first Thai Occult book by Jenx, Thai Occult II is quickly becoming my favorite unknown & most rewarding read over the past 6-7 months. Jenx casually, yet diligently takes his time unraveling an ancient & wondrous system of magic that initially seems so overtly foreign & simply put very Eastern, but as I continue to re-read and cross reference the texts I’m finding fundamental overlaps within quite a few of the more well known and familiar Western occult practices.

This book is absolutely packed with an almost ridiculous amount of knowledge & information. Not to mention knowing how much of this knowledge came to Jenx first-hand is without doubt inspiring. It’s a little staggering and hard to believe that nothing quite like this has ever been published before.

Hopefully this opens the proverbial gates to more books on the Thai, Burmese, and Cambodian occult ways being published. As it’s beyond fascinating.

Also, as someone who has been doing Muay Thai and Muay Boran since I was a child; it was great to read & see the connection to the Wai Khru Ram Muay ritual before all Thai Boxing fights. This is one of those books that reveals more with each read. I recommend this book to anyone interested in occult practices of the ancient world or living traditions that have survived through modernity.


—Doctor Satan PhD

THE MONK by Matthew Lewis – Hardcover Edition

An amazing Classic that will spice up your library. When I read that Black Letter Press was going to publish this, I knew I had to add it to my library. The wait was well worth it. The nice hardcover and gold stamping makes this book look like it costs double or triple the price. The quality of the binding and paper, in my opinion are high quality. It’s a Black Letter Press printing so I am not surprised its such beautifully created at such a low price. I would highly recommend those who are even remotely interested in this classic work to pick up a copy and see for yourself.


THE SATANIC MANUAL OF THE ABYSMAL SERPENT by Agustine Moriar – Limited Edition Hardcover

I saw this title and immediately thought to avoid it. Talking to Miskatonic maybe I was too quick to judge. So I purchased. Its pretty solid. The book focuses on the Qliphoth/Averse Sephiroth through multiple chapters. Lilith (Malkuth) through Thaumiel (Keter). Basic for some but good for others. The Chapter and images of The Demonic Liber Resh of the Coven of the Abysmal Serpent tell me that the author(s)/group have some real stuff to contribute.

—Michael Mack

THE CHALDEAN ORACLES OF HECATE Translated and Commented by Ruth Majercik – Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover in Custom Slipcase

Not much is known outside of this book about The Chaldean Oracles but this book is a masterpiece. This item is a stunning leather limited edition to 40 copies. To any lover of The Chaldean Oracles, obtain this book. What this book does contain are the fragments leftover that are truly lost to us in time. Let’s continue to be grateful for what we do have though.


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