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The Occult Review #6


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GOETIC ATAVISMS by Frater Acher & Craig Slee – Deluxe Leather Bound in Custom Slipcase

“Goetic Atavisms” plunges readers into the esoteric depths of occult philosophy, intertwining ancient goetic practices with the concept of atavisms— the reemergence of ancestral traits that have lain dormant over generations. This book stands as a complex beacon for those deeply entrenched in esoteric studies, offering a fresh perspective on the resurgence of ancient magick in the contemporary soul.

“Goetic Atavisms” is not merely a historical or theoretical recount; it is an experiential guide that challenges its readers to confront their own ancestral echoes through the lens of goetic invocation.

Frater Acher & Craig Slee proposes that these dormant traits and talents, when awakened, can offer profound insights and transformative powers, bridging the gap between our ancient past and present existence.

Critically, the book does a remarkable job of balancing scholarly rigor with practical application. Each chapter builds upon the last, guiding the reader deeper into the practice while encouraging personal exploration and discovery. The inclusion of practical exercises, meditations, and rituals provides a hands-on approach to understanding and applying the concepts discussed.

In conclusion, “Goetic Atavisms” is a seminal work in the field of occult literature, offering a unique and profound exploration of goetic magic and its relevance in uncovering and harnessing the power of our ancestral past. It is a book that demands engagement, challenging its readers to look beyond the surface and explore the depths of their own being. For those drawn to the mysteries of the occult, it is an invaluable addition to their library, promising a journey that is as enlightening as it is enigmatic.

—Ricardo Reyes

ARCANUM BESTIARUM by Robert Fitzgerald (Limited Edition Hardcover)

This is a beautiful book. And I found myself smiling a lot when I read and experienced it for the first time. It has original woodcut illustrations by Liv Rainey-Smith, and an perfectly suited original typeface created by calligrapher Gail Coppock that make it really special. Robert Fitzgerald adeptly writes in the tradition of the Medieval Beastiaries about the magickal powers of numerous creatures. His work is well documented and he includes a nice bibliography. My 11 year old son was delighted when I showed him the Basilisk (which he knows from Harry Potter). I’m always looking for safe and appropriate ways to share magick with him and I am really grateful to have this book I can use and enjoy that also inspires his imagination and art. Brava!

—Jeanne Loveless

THE PSALTER OF CAIN by Andrew Chumbley and others (Limited Edition Hardcover)

An excellent book! By far the most ‘practical’ book Xoanon has published as it is literally a collection of practices, as well as rituals, myths, and meditations. The contents are manifested from one of the groups outer sodalities ‘The Companie of the Serpentine Cross’ and extremely rich and diverse. Obviously, the central focus of nearly all its contents is the figure of Cain, the “atavistic patron of the Curren.” I have found this book to be a deep repository of wisdom, arcana, lore, and atavistic energies; and think it will be of value to any practitioner interested in Sabbatic Craft and Cainite Gnosis.


TRUTMEZZER: A Blade of Two Ways by Frater Acher – Limited Edition Hardcover

An absolute delight to read. The first section dealing with the history of not just spirits and blades but their manufacture, and the often disregarded supernatural folk magic beliefs of rural communities. The second part of the book dealing with a more modern take on the dagger, or “Witch knife” as the book is so named in old German (Frater Acher’s words, not mine). It’s an easy read and delightful one at that and well worth it just for the personal account Frater Acher tells that closes out the book.

For a limited edition and hand numbered book from an independent publishing company, this is a great price for a collectors and fans alike.


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