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Hadean Press Limited is a UK based small press producing some of the most exciting titles in modern occultism, publishing academic and independent scholarship in the areas of folklore, folk magic, and spellbooks. Their much-loved Guides to the Underworld series combines the aesthetic of a popular pamphlet with a depth of praxis rarely found in trade publications, and the infrequent journal Conjure Codex focuses on spirit work, the grimoire traditions, and magic in general, be it ancient or modern, Eastern or Western, New World or Old World, theoretical or anecdotal, original or translation, practical or historical, monotheist or pagan.

Hadean Press was established in 2008 in West Yorkshire, UK, at the beginning of the solar year. Never oblivious to rising talent, in the years since its founding Hadean has introduced up and coming international authors to a discerning public, as well as bringing new offerings from more established but non-establishment authors, including Jake Stratton-Kent, David Rankine, Dr Alexander Cummins, and many more. From Scandinavian trolldom to Brazilian Quimbanda, Renaissance necromancy or the art and craft of the goes, the Hadean catalogue caters to practitioners of magic as well to those curious about its long history and its impact on our evolution and survival.

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