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Nestled within the rich tapestry of British independent publishing, Tartarus Press stands as a distinguished beacon of literary excellence since its founding in 1990. Specializing in the creation of collectible hardback limited editions, Tartarus has become synonymous with the curation and production of extraordinary works in the realm of literary supernatural, strange, and horror fiction. Beyond their coveted hardcovers, Tartarus extends its influence by venturing into the realm of paperbacks and ebooks, ensuring that their carefully selected repertoire reaches readers in various formats.

The hallmark of Tartarus Press lies not only in their commitment to quality but in the exclusivity of their limited editions. Each hardback release is a masterpiece, not just in content but in craftsmanship, often adorned with intricate cover designs, premium materials, and attention to detail that elevates the reading experience to a rarefied realm. These limited editions, highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, encapsulate the essence of Tartarus’s dedication to producing literature as art.

With a staggering record of accolades, Tartarus has been honored with five prestigious World Fantasy Awards, a testament to their consistent contributions to the genre. Additionally, the Horror Writers Association has bestowed upon them the coveted “Stoker” award, recognizing their enduring impact on the horror fiction landscape.

Tartarus is not merely a publisher; it is a custodian of the macabre, a curator of the uncanny, and a nurturer of literary treasures. Their legacy, steeped in accolades and defined by the exceptional quality of their publications, continues to cast a spell on readers and collectors alike, beckoning them into the hauntingly beautiful worlds crafted by the authors within the pages of Tartarus editions.

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