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Abraxas Press, a literary haven for contemporary poetry enthusiasts, stands at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, curating a collection with a profound emphasis on the lyric mode. As the custodians of language and expression, we endeavor to weave a tapestry that captures the nuanced rhythms of the human experience through the lens of poetic verse. Our commitment extends beyond borders, embracing poetry in translation to amplify the diverse voices that echo across cultures.

At Abraxas Press, we recognize the power of poetry to transcend linguistic boundaries, fostering a vibrant space for voices to harmonize in the global chorus of artistic expression. Our dedication extends beyond the realm of verse, encompassing essays, criticism, and reviews that delve into the rich landscape of small press poetry books. We believe in championing the voices of emerging poets, celebrating the resilience of independent literary presses, and nurturing a community of discerning readers and writers.

The very essence of our name, Abraxas, harks back to the mysticism of ancient gnostic sects. In their cosmology, Abraxas represented the Supreme Being, an entity encompassing the collective spirits of the earth. This rich historical resonance infuses our endeavors with a sense of transcendence and unity, echoing the interconnectedness of diverse poetic expressions.

It’s within this mystical heritage that the magical incantation “abracadabra” finds its roots, derived directly from Abraxas. This invocation, etymologically linked to our namesake, serves as a testament to the transformative power of language, akin to the alchemical process through which words, like mystical incantations, can conjure and shape realities.

Abraxas Press is more than a publishing house; it is a celebration of the sacred dance of words, a repository of voices that echo through time, and a bridge between the ancient mysticism of Abraxas and the contemporary resonance of lyrical expression. In every publication, we strive to honor the spirit of Abraxas, fostering a literary sanctuary where the magic of words continues to enchant and inspire.

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