APOTHEOSIS: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Luciferianism & The Left-Hand Path by Michael W. Ford – Hardcover Edition


Apotheosis: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Luciferianism & the Left-Hand Path reveals parallels between disparate paths through helpful introductions to, say, Satanism from Anton Lavey’s The Satanic Bible, to other avenues like the Temple of Set and Setian magick, to greater black magick and lesser black magick. It shows how these seemingly separate traditions reflect one another and remain in harmony with Luciferianism.

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Hardcover edition in fine unread condition.

Published by Become a Living God

From the publisher:

Greetings, and welcome to my latest work, both a pinnacle and an introduction to the Path of Luciferianism. My new grimoire, Apotheosis: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Luciferianism & the Left-Hand Path, is a short, concise, and simplified work, built on the foundation of Luciferian philosophy.

The New Pinnacle Of Luciferian Ascent
What is Luciferian philosophy? How do you apply it? How do you self-initiate into Luciferianism? Over the years, I have concentrated beyond research and devoted myself to consistent practice of multiple traditions within Luciferianism, and my magickal obsession has been to crystallize, refine, and enhance the basis of this philosophy. What makes Luciferianism harmonious with, and parallel to, other Left-Hand Path schools of thought and traditions? What separate Luciferianism from other Left-Hand Path schools of thought and works?

Apotheosis takes an older work that had become outdated, entitled Wisdom of the Eosphoros, and renovates the entire foundation into a wholly new Luciferian philosophy. In particular, it elucidates the 11 Points of Power with in-depth explanation, examples of how to apply these 11 Points of Power, with deeper meanings behind them for the neophyte—the new seeker who is drawn to Luciferianism. It elaborates the definitions of Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path, and clarifies what makes an individual “Left-Hand Path.”

How To Liberate & Empower Magicians — Bringing Power To The People Without Shame And Division
To me, the focus of the Left-Hand Path is individualism; this means carefully enhancing and refining yourself magickally. Furthermore, it focuses on attaining specific types of liberation through ambitious change and forbidden knowledge that’s useful to self-empowerment. Lucifer magickally empowers your life to change into what you want, no matter what it is, no matter how you calculate what success is.

Luciferianism is adaptable and available to every individual—it knows no sex, race, nor nationality.

All The Best Breakthroughs, Insights & Discoveries From My 25+ Books Distilled Into One Masterful Guide For The ULTIMATE Initiation
This one book compresses my entire Luciferian school of thought found across my 25+ books over my three decades as an author. But it celebrates and honors more than only my school of thought, and instead it features the best breakthroughs, insights, and discoveries of many respectable Left-Hand Path tradition—in other words, it is not sectarian, but rather universal and inclusive. As you’ll see in Apotheosis, Luciferianism is not a religion with a fixed central dogma, but an evolving philosophy with a healthy worldwide community of magicians, authors, artists, and commentators.

Luciferianism is an ever-evolving lifestyle with a worldwide community of magicians, authors, artists, and commentators.

You may apply the Luciferian Ethos and theories presented to ceremonial magick traditions too. How does that work? My wife and fellow priestess, Hopemarie Ford, have formulated a Luciferian school of thought that allows you to adapt and adopt it to your preferred magickal tradition—you can perform Luciferian Magick through basically any pathworking.

What are the traits of the Luciferian? What are the commonly refined and enhanced points that really identify whether a person is of the Satanic or the Luciferian mindset? These questions constitute a core part of this book.

I have found over the years that Luciferians are the type of people who have a natural predilection for personal Ascent and the path of Adversarial power. You can’t take someone who is a dogmatic monotheist and make them view the world from a Luciferian perspective. However, there can be people in Right-Hand Path religions or paths, who, for lack of understanding or knowing, have many Luciferian traits and what we call the 11 Points of Power, but never knew it.

Luciferianism has no hierarchy or laws that police your use of magick, language, clothes, or lifestyle. It’s open and adaptable to your ascent.

Luciferianism, as you’ll see in Apotheosis, is not dogmatic. There’s no hierarchical structure or laws that limit your use of magick, language, clothes, style, etc. It’s a very open, free-spirited way of life.

Triad Of The Morning Star: The Luciferian Fire That Turns The Wheel Of Evolution
Some of the interesting points is the foundation of approaching Luciferianism with the Triad of the Morning Star. This is the act of initiation, living, applying thought as a form of magick early on, the willed thought, the willed path to self-determined initiation, or the journey of stepping upon the Left-Hand Path. Triad of the Morning Star is three specific areas that really kind of explain or crystallize some of the core aspects of initiation. Think of the Triad as a wheel, and there are three points to this, or a gear, something that is moving in a triad.

Flame #1: Liberation
The first is liberation. You see that with the Greater Church of Lucifer, my works in developing that, and also closing that to the Assembly of Light Bearers and many of my works. Liberation is identifying dogmatic or restrictive beliefs, thoughts, things that have always been with you that perhaps bug you or you identify that you want to address and overcome. It can be social conditioning, but it has to be chosen by you. It’s not something that someone else can pick for you. You have to want it. You have to be the self-starter. Liberation is breaking those chains by seeking specific knowledge or skills, attaining skills to begin to overcome that.

Now, liberation, breaking a habit, takes roughly, as we know, a month, to break habits. To create new habits takes about the same amount of time. So you have liberation, and as you’re applying, in my works, in Apotheosis, the 11 Points, you’re going to take, have a natural association with many of the Points, and you’re going to adapt them to your life and liberation over time. Don’t take them all at once, don’t try to be a new person or be what you might consider a stereotypical Luciferian, because there are none. You would take these slowly. Break old habits, create new ones in a willed, disciplined, consistent process, even when it’s annoying. Even when you really don’t want to do it and it’s this mundane, boring thing. That’s the period of time when it’s very important to see that through. Until you notice that you are thinking in this way, and that these thoughts are creating changes, often in a small way, but elaborating over time, expanding.

Flame #2: Illumination
So liberation is the first step. You get that going. Then you have illumination. That’s attaining specific types of knowledge, insight, experience, knowledge towards your short and long term goals, your self-transformation, if you will. That process, it starts to move, there’s momentum, and then apotheosis, which is attaining that state of being that you can recognize, that you can validate it, and it’s continual, and this wheel, as you go, goes on and on and grows in force and momentum with your energy of your thoughts, your words that you use, and your actions in life.

Flame #3: Apotheosis
What Apotheosis does as the ultimate beginner’s guide encourages and makes the realization that everything you do, what you put your energy into, your time, your efforts should matter to you, should be important, and should not be relatively useless and mundane. Arguing, focusing on things that don’t enhance you, and you understand that time is precious. This physical world, what you do to create your process of apotheosis in Luciferian magick will set the standard for what you become in apotheosis, what your daemon will come forth as and enhance as in your process of self-transformation.

The Universal Luciferian: From Satanism And Setian Magick To Thelema And Chaos Magick To Neo-Pagan Witchcraft… Apotheosis Transcends Black Magick Traditions
Tablet of Lucifer
Acknowledgments p.5
Foreword by E.A. Koetting p.11
Introduction p.15
Book One – Triad of the Morning Star p.17
Ch. 1 – The Left-Hand Path p.19
Ch. 2 – Am I Luciferian? – Hopemarie Ford p.23
Ch. 3 – Foundations of Luciferian Philosophy p.27
Ch. 4 – The 11 Luciferian Points of Power p.31
Ch. 5 -The 11 Luciferian Points of Power – Explained p.33
Ch. 6 – Morals & Concepts of Basic Belief p.41
Ch. 7 – Triad of the Morning Star p.53
Ch. 8 – The 11 Luciferian Points of Power in Practice p.59
Ch. 9 – The Four Pillars of Luciferianism p.63
Ch. 10 – The Metaphysics of the Adversary p.73
Ch. 11 – The Keys to Magick p.79
Ch. 12 – Meditation, Mantra & Invocations p.83
Ch. 13 – The Test of the Devil’s Mask p.89
Ch. 14 – Theogonia p.91
Ch. 15 – Darkness & Light p.93
Book Two – Ignis Daemonicus p.115
Ch. 16 – The Daemonic Fire p.101
Ch. 17 – Basic Definitions of Magick p.103
Ch. 18 – Reasons for the Practice of Magick p.107
Ch. 19 – Symbols & Their Meanings in Luciferian Magick p.111
Ch. 20 – Ritual Magick p.117
Ch. 21 – Ritual Initiation p.125
Ch. 22 – The Magick Circle p.129
Ch. 23 – Constructing Rituals p.141
Ch. 24 – Solitary Self-Illumination Ceremony p.147
Ch. 25 – The Circle Casting Rituals p.155
Book Three – Lucifer & the Satanic Spirit p.117
Ch. 26 – Lucifer, the Morning Star p.173
Ch. 27 – Monotheism & Religious Restriction p.181
Glossary p.189
Bibliography & Suggested Reading p.203
Michael W. Ford p.205
Become A Living God p.207

Apotheosis: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Luciferianism & the Left-Hand Path reveals parallels between disparate paths through helpful introductions to, say, Satanism from Anton Lavey’s The Satanic Bible, to other avenues like the Temple of Set and Setian magick, to greater black magick and lesser black magick. It shows how these seemingly separate traditions reflect one another and remain in harmony with Luciferianism. Apotheosis divulges how many black magick tradition closely associate and elucidates how Luciferianism as a philosophy or praxis underlies the landscape of pathworkings — from Thelema and Chaos Magick, to Satanism and Setian Initiation of Kefer, to numerous others avenues like Neo-pagan Witchcraft and other esoteric black magicks.

The Luciferian is uniquely able to apply this philosophy and validate it. Without validating it, this work means nothing, and if you just take a work, read over it, skim it, say “Cool,” throw it on your shelf, go on to something else, well, you’re doing great injustice. Take the work and apply it and validate it for a period of time, and notice the enhancement, the illumination of that spark of divine consciousness, that higher aspect of being we call the Black Flame. Remember that your mind, your spirit uses this body as a tool to experience the world, so think of it in that way. It’s an investment.

Unholy Rituals Of Self-Illumination
Once we go from the Triad of the Morning Star, then we present what is the rite of self-illumination, formally dedicating yourself to the current upon the path of Luciferianism, the self-illumination ceremony derived from my works in the former Greater Church of Lucifer in the introductory ceremonies. This has been refined and enhanced, not to be an invocation of spirits, per se, not at all. It’s actually a self-affirmation and self-dedication with every word, every mantra, every name to paint a picture to inspire in your subconscious the Luciferian philosophy and ideals of liberation, illumination, and apotheosis.

The path of magick, the theory of ritual magick is explored in the later part of Apotheosis, how to practice basic, introductory ceremonies and rituals, what the aims are, what you should expect, what the tools represent, should you have tools, should you not have tools, how that magick is centered within your mind, your spirit, your physical body. Your willed thoughts compel change. With that said, if your imagination and your will, desire, belief is obsessive and you trust your instincts, you learn to really trust your instincts, the daemon comes forth, the true will emerges, and your able to perform ceremonial magick all in your mind. Whether the psychodrama of the ritual chamber, or witchcraft workings of the Sabbat, in the dream, Luciferian magick, in this sense, shows how you properly go forward to then take any number of my grimoires based on your interests, apply the ceremonies, workings, to attain real results, validate your experiences, notice your change, and then perhaps explore other paths of Left-Hand Path practice in harmony with Luciferian foundations.

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APOTHEOSIS: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Luciferianism & The Left-Hand Path by Michael W. Ford - Hardcover Edition APOTHEOSIS: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Luciferianism & The Left-Hand Path by Michael W. Ford - Hardcover Edition
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