ARS PHILTRON by Daniel Schulke (Limited Edition Hardcover)


ARS PHILTRON by Daniel Schulke (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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2 Edition Codex Vasculum, Second Edition, Casebound in black decorated rust-colored cloth. 33 illustrations. Colored endpapers. Lexicon, The greatly-expanded “Edition Codex Vasculum.” Limited to 720 “standard” clothbound copies.

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The work examines “Wortcunning and Sabbatic-alchemical gnosis as manifested through the medium of potion-making. Its text treats of the eight principal Sabbatic-alchemic philtre types, their pharmacoepia and formulation. Evocations to aspects of the Sabbatic Guardians Lilith and Cain are also given to empower the revelation and reification of the Philtre Arcana.” The author was a friend of the late Andrew Chumbley, and is presently both the Magister of the Cultus Sabbati, as well as the Verdelet of the Tradition. It is from the Cultus Sabbati, in common with Chumbley’s “Azoetia,” that this book draws its inspiration.

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