AZAZEL: Steal Fire From The Gods with E.A. Koetting, Asenath Mason, S. Connolly, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack and more – Hardcover Edition Signed by E.A. Koetting


AZAZEL: Steal Fire From The Gods with E.A. Koetting, Asenath Mason, S. Connolly, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack and more – Hardcover Edition Signed by E.A. Koetting

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Book is in fine unread condition, signed by E.A. Koetting. Books is 311 pages.

Enter The Azazelian Current To Flood Your Life With Ancient Magick Of Semyaza, The Watchers, King Paimon & The Djinn Kings In This Truly Unprecedented Group Grimoire By 11 Top Demonologists

  • E.A. Koetting The Grimoire of Azazel
  • Kurtis Joseph The Scapegoat: Grimoire of the Forbidden Brothers
  • Asenath Mason Father of Transgression
  • S. Connolly Azazel: Keeper of the Gate
  • Edgar Kerval Azazel: Devourer of Souls
  • Bill Duvendack The Grimoire of the Watchers
  • W.J. Oliver The Grimoire of King Paimon & the Djinn Kings
  • J.S. Garrett The Silent Voice of Azazel
  • J.D. Temple Azazel the Way, the Truth & the Absence of Light
  • Orlee Stewart The Feeding of the Forgotten
  • Frank White Azazel: The Conqueror

In this group grimoire by 11 preeminent demonologists, you will learn:

1. E.A. Koetting – The Grimoire Of Azazel
Historic 20,000-Word Conclusion To A Seven-Year Pathworking With Demonic Gatekeeper Azazel & His “Left Hand Man” Ant’harratu… Discover The Finale To A Legendary Relationship Between E.A. And Azazel… His All-New “The Grimoire Of Azazel” Provides A Shocking Conclusion To His Cult Classic “The Book Of Azazel” From 2012 — Truly A “MUST READ” Book
World’s first known pathworking of the Azazel’s eldest, closest, most powerful Nether, Ant’harratu — p.19

Ant’harratu materializes first as a vapor or a thin smoke filling the northwestern part of the Temple. After spiraling for several moments, his form materializes as a figure cloaked and hooded in black. The Gateway of Pacts is emblazoned on the chest of his robe, burning like a psychic brand.

Ant’harratu is possibly the most powerful of all the Nethers. He is a maker of miracles. He claims to have taught sorcery to the priests of Babylon, Egypt, and Olmec. It was by his invisible hand that many miraculous alterations in my life and circumstances were brought about. — p.19

How to birth and absorb Ant’harratu’s Nether Orb to unite with him through your spiritual bodies and become a “Machine of Evil” as he calls it — p.22
Ant’harratu’s deifying Rite of Transfiguration to undergo corpus alchemy — a formula to rise into a physical apotheosis — p.22
Ant’harratu’s baneful Rite of Domination that utilizes sympathetic magick to override your enemy into a state of possession and steer them under your dominance — p.23
Ant’harratu’s narcotic Rite of Withdrawal to harmonize your magick faculties into a nirvana-like state of convalescent rapture — p.24
How to marshal Nether legions to rise from Azazel’s Shadow Realm to serve your Empire — p.32
Diary of my beholding the Goddess Azazel in his rarest female mask wherefore she unveiled a demiurgic reproductive talisman called the Triple Chalice — with a complete initiatory lesson on impregnating the Triple Chalice with the Seed of Darkness to give birth to actual living souls, in contrast to synthetic egregores — p.38
Introduction to my first born soul, a literal Child of Darkness named Steggam’tah — find out why I gave that peculiar name — p.40
Moment-by-moment retelling of my highest initiation with Azazel, when he bestowed his namesake talisman The Sword of Azazel to me through a life-changing Mirror Gate evocation — p.45

“Metaphysics calls it the Astral Body of Light, but there is a Body of Darkness. And my Sword is now in your Left Hand of Darkness.” — Azazel, p.54

How to perform the Rite of Reverse Possession to become Azazel and initiate yourself as a Demonic Gatekeeper in the flesh — p.58
2. Kurtis Joseph – The Scapegoat: Grimoire Of The Forbidden Brothers
Embark On A 35,000-Word, Tour De Force Of Demonology Across Belial, Lucifer, Azazel, Tubal-Qayin & Naamah… Find Out The REAL Truth About Demonic Genesis Of Humanity, Fall Of The Angels, Genealogy Of The Nephilim, And How To Access Magick Hidden In “Junk DNA” — Another MUST READ
A 35,000-word, full-length “book within a book” that documents an unmatched magical journey of exhilarating experiences with Belial, Lucifer, Azazel, Tubal-Qayin, and Naamah — complete with their lengthy channelings, magick seals, evocation rituals, and revelations on the Tree of Qliphoth — p.100
The true genealogy of the Nephilim & the Witch-Kin, demonic genesis of humanity, saga of the Creation & Angelic Fall and Cosmic War between the Demonic Gatekeepers & the Golem God — p.86
How to build the Forge & Armor of the Blacksmith, perform the call of Tubal-Qayin, and Prayer of Drakonian Armor to provide infernal protection in your eternal ascent — p.107
How to open the Gate of the Black Earth and Call the Black Queen to enter gnosis with Naamah the Pleasant — p.118
Seals to open the Gates of the Five Accursed Nations: the Geburim, Raphaim, the Amalekites, the Anakim, and the Nephilim — p.126

You are the Infernal Empire because a magickal force in your blood calls you to this work. The religious garbage of yesteryear has over-mystified the Demonic Hierarchy, hiding the true story of our demonic genesis. This demonic genesis deals not just in a story of creation, but it reveals the demonic power hidden in our genes. It reveals the usefulness of our “junk DNA,” and how to harness its potential to inherit our birthright. — p.157

How to master the Libido to ignite sexual alchemy, supercharge your power in magick ritual, and thus maximize your physical & astral health — p.135
Grimoire of the Forbidden Brothers of Azazel — a complete grimoire of The Watchers unlike any other in existence — it features a next-generation rituology of angelic sigils, their remarkable magick powers, and true stories of experiences with their use — p.143
3. Asenath Mason – The Father Of Transgression
Learn To Perform High-Powered Initiation Rites With Azazel’s Three Most Transformative Demonic Masks And Talismanic Fetishes: The Eater Of Sins, Goat-Headed Witch Lord & Lord Of Wilderness
A meticulous century-by-century, book-by-book elucidation of new historical etymology behind Azazel, his ancient deific masks, and demonic mythoi — p.159
An “Eater of Sins” Ritual that taps into psychic energy of the Seven Deadly Sins and reveals how to fashion and use an unholy talisman called The Skull of Azazel in order to experience a witches sabbat-like ecstasy of transgression — p.163
A dangerous outdoor “Goat Headed Witch Lord” Ritual that utilizes a fierce Wolf Fetish to reincarnate or shapeshift your ego and awaken beast consciousness for primal gnosis with Azazel — p.168

This working has to be performed outdoors, preferably in the forest. You are dealing here with the gnosis of transgression, so if that forces you to leave the safety of your home temple and face the unpredictability of the wilderness, this will only empower the results of the ritual. If you choose to ignore it and perform the ritual in your temple, it will not have the transforming effect and the whole work will be pointless. In other words, the more it pushes you out of your comfort zone, the better results you will have with this working. — p.168

A shamanic “Lord of Wilderness” Rite that takes you on a lucid vision quest to encounter Azazel in person and receive the ultimate, personalized initiation into his Current. This rite reveals how to harness magick from a multitude of high-powered, infernal talismans such as the Pentagram, the Goat Horns, the Skull, the Cloak & the Smoke — p.173
4. S. Connolly – Azazel: Keeper Of The Gate
A Practical Daemonolotry Guide To Coupling Daemons With Azazel In A Synergy That Ignites Ascent In Everyday Life And Maximizes Self-Deification As A Whole
A new, explosive critique on common errors found in modern demonology as related to a Saturn-Azazel-Zazel-Deathbringer misconnexion — p.182
Clear, magician-friendly overview of the necessary enns, elements, directions, incenses, metals & attributes to summon Azazel in ritual — p.183
A rituology of manifestation, rebirth & ascensions rituals along with practical rituals that harness synergy between spirits like Leviathan upon Azazel, Lucifer upon Azazel, and Oroborus upon Azazel — p.190

Some may say death is the hardest part of the process when leaving something behind and starting something new, but I contend that birth or rebirth is the hardest part. It requires us to step out of our comfort zone and do things that may terrify us. It is foreign and terrifying. When we work with change Daemons whether Death Daemonic, or those that are catalysts to change like Azazel, we have to expect the be thrust into the unknown. — p.184

A down to earth Daemonolatry perspective that allows you to safely and powerfully combine, mix, and match spirits to multiply power and receive priceless insights into hidden life circumstances — p.202
5. Edgar Kerval – Azazel: Devourer Of Souls
Let The 11 Flames Of Azazel “Devour Your Soul” As You Explore His 11 Primal, Atavistic Masks And Awaken His Gnosis On Physical, Astral, Mental & Causal Levels Of Existence A.K.A. Transmutation Of Soul
An esoteric discourse on “Soul Devouring” — the four main alchemical stages of Azazelian Gnosis that transmute a soul of a magician — p.208
A grimoire of 11 Rays or Flames of Black Fire, their correlating Magick Seals, and full-length rites that allow you to connect with 11 primal, atavistic masks of Azazel — p.211

The 11 Flames are tools with which you work day and night for your transmutation. Each Ray of the Flame has a Sigil or symbol that condenses energy from this Azazelian current in the four levels of existence: Physical, Astral, Mental and Spiritual or Causal. Every one of the 11 Flames connects with a mask of Azazel. — p.210

A complete lexicon of sinister terminology & essentials concepts like Sitra Ahra, Nigris Nigrantis, Ater Ignis, Tenebra, Black Egg, Black Light, Black Ray, Chaos Manifest, Chaos Unmanifest, the Void, and more. — p. 207
6. Bill Duvendack – The Grimoire Of The Watchers
An Academic Grimoire Of The Top 12 Fallen Angels, Their Respective Powers, Etymology, Ancient History & Angelic Pantheon As A Whole… This Small Book Provides A Masterclass Of “Forbidden Angelology” That Every Black Magician Needs To Know
The ultimate, no-bullshit primer on Abrahamic angelology & demonology — p.219
A precise grimoire of the top 12 Fallen Angels & 23 lesser Watchers — p.223
A fact-by-fact demystification of common errors and misconceptions found in contemporary demonology as related to the Azazelian Current — p.225

Azazel’s oldest reference is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, specifically in The Book of Giants, written somewhere between 150 BCE-70 EV. First of all, he is not a demon or fallen angel according to the oldest found sources.

A high-powered initiation ritual to evoke Azazel, enter communion, and experience his gnosis — p. 228
7. Frank White – Azazel: The Conqueror
True Story Of A Luciferian’s Magick Experiences With Semyaza In The Underworlds Found In The Egyptian Book Of The Dead. Learn How To Receive The “Sword Of Sin” From Azazel With His Secret Initiatory Seal

I did as I had been told by Semyaza. I laid out a circle in my temple, incense in front of me as the manifestation base in the center of the triangle where Azazel appears to me. His materialization took massive amounts of energy, but it worked quickly. He took on the form of a winged-beast sitting on a massive throne. — p.266

Luciferian magician Frank White reveals his pathworking the Seven Guards of the Underworld from the Egyptian Book of the Dead where he underwent initiation with Semyaza-Uzza.

A moment-by-moment retelling of astral initiation experiences with Shemyaza in the Underworld realms of the Egyptian Book of the Dead — p.261
Modern interpretations of Ancient Egyptian spells, helpful counsel on gnosis experienced with them, and revelations on a hidden connexion  to the Azazelian Current
Seal that opens the Gate of Sin & Sword unveiled for the FIRST time ever

The uttering of the spell had taken me to the Keepers of the Gates. But instead of meeting the seven monsters mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, I was faced with a creature who stood there, one eye open, one eye closed, its face covered with scars and in pain. The eye that was open revealed the fire of rage that burned within this entity. The demon identified himself to me as Semyaza, also known as Uzza. — p.264

8. W.J. Oliver – The Grimoire Of King Paimon & The Djinn
A Clairvoyant Scientist Certifies A Blood Pact With King Paimon To FINALLY Answer The Long-Standing Question Of His TRUE Identity… Here’s The Key To Unlocking The Sorcery Of King Paimon & His Djinn

In this breakthrough treatise on Adversarial Consciousness, a respected scientist under pseudonym of W.J. Oliver performs “controlled experiment” evocations as part of an infernal pact with King Paimon to uncover his identity and connexions to Azazel. This author submits his breakthrough findings to magick as a field and asks to receive peer reviews on his innovative gnosis.

A grand unifying theory on the “Great Serpent” of macrocosmic Adversarial Consciousness & “Kundalini Serpent” of microcosmic consciousness — p.274
A scientific inquiry on the transmorphic, deific masks of Paimon the King, Paimonius the Ascended Master, and Azazel the Demonic Gatekeeper — p.281
Authentic record of the Infernal Pact between W.J. Oliver & King Paimon — p.288
A “Book of Shadows” log of findings from a pathworking of ritual invocations, evocations & channelings with Azazel, King Paimon & his Djinn familiars — p. 290
An infernal grimoire of the Djinn Kings: Labal & Abalim, along with their sigils, respective powers, and history — p. 294
King Paimon’s “Letters of Manifestation” — p.300
9, 10 & 11. J.S. Garrett, J.D. Temple & Orlee Stewart
True Stories Of Three Black Magicians’ Life-Changing Initiation Experiences With Azazel, Semyaza, Satan & The Demonic Gatekeepers… And The Priceless Magick They Learned From These Scary But Exhilarating Spirit Encounters

I covered myself in my own blood from head to toe, and summoned the four Demonic Gatekeepers. Exactly as the sun turned black, I called forth and offered myself as a living sacrifice to Shemyaza. In retrospect, this single rite changed my life forever, as it opened me to a full, permanent possession.

While in ritual, I experienced a lucid encounter with the demon. He gifted a magick seal to me and referred to it as the “Master Key.” This secret seal allows Shemyaza, his legions, and what I call the “Master Spirits” to connect with any magician whom possesses it… — p.239

J.S. Garrett – The Silent Voice of Azazel — p.233
J.D. Temple – Azazel The Way, The Truth & The Absence Of Light — p.245
Orlee Stewart – The Feeding Of The Forgotten — p.253

This 11-book group grimoire explodes with innovative, breakthrough findings that transport demonology as a field into a NEW ERA entirely. This Compendium does not reiterate “the same old same old” about Azazel and the Watchers or rehash Wikipedia articles and forum posts.

AZAZEL: Steal Fire from the Gods, Volume 3 is the largest, most powerful, most advanced treatment of the Azazelian Current in human history. Period. No embellishment. No hyperbole. No better entrance into Azazel’s Current has existed anywhere on earth previously.

RISE King And Take Your Sword Back…
RISE Queen And Take Your Crown Back… Azazel Has Stolen Fire From The Gods And Now You Need To Take It

Here’s the bottom line: if you truly wish to become a demonologist, you will need to pathwork and enter gnosis with Azazel at one point or another. He stands with Lucifer and Belial as a historically powerful Demonic Gatekeeper and has acted as my Patron Demon seven years now. In fact, I prefer his black magick more than Lucifer and Belial as a matter of preference. Let Ant’harratu become your new favorite Nether and guide through your highest initiation — not only to receive the Sword of Azazel, but to become Azazel’s Sword.

Godlike Power,

The Eleven Swords of Azazel

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AZAZEL: Steal Fire From The Gods with E.A. Koetting, Asenath Mason, S. Connolly, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack and more - Hardcover Edition Signed by E.A. Koetting AZAZEL: Steal Fire From The Gods with E.A. Koetting, Asenath Mason, S. Connolly, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack and more - Hardcover Edition Signed by E.A. Koetting
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