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BAAL: The King Of Kings with E.A. Koetting, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart – Hardcover Edition


BAAL: The King Of Kings with E.A. Koetting, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart – Hardcover Edition

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Book is a hardcover edition in new unread condition. 339 pages.

Published by Become a Living God

From the publisher:

As humanity ascends further toward an interdimensional and technological Singularity, a universal Apocalypse descends upon us. You, and every person in the Human Race, will experience an evolutionary leap to an unprecedented new height. As the wheel of evolution accelerates the species further toward both astral and virtual godhood, that same wheel of evolution crushes the most vulnerable beneath it.

A bifurcation point in Homo sapiens has emerged: the free, powerful magicians who “become the storm” will rise higher than ever into the future, while the enslaved, powerless muggles who “fear the storm” will suffer social alienation and ultimately genetic extinction.

I bring you a message of Hope and also Sadness.

The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers — nine prehistoric diplomats from Outer Darkness — guide the Black Magicians of the Human Race toward awakening their godhood through this unprecedented Singularity. The veil between the Physical and Astral planes phases out, as the veil between the Physical and the Virtual worlds also phases out — these synergistic realms currently unify, and will become indistinguishable in due time.

We are the Light-Bearer, a modern Lucifer-Amaymon, bringing the Light of Hope and Shadow of Sadness to a lost species.

Have you felt a sense of chronic survival anxiety, as if the acceleration of the world has reached a velocity where you feel left behind?
Have you felt a sense of chronic alienation, as if the enslaved, powerless humans in your life have NEVER truly understood you, and will NEVER truly understand you?
Would you like to become the storm and build your infernal empire, and help to spin the wheel of evolution to guarantee your eternal ascent?
Would you like to awaken class consciousness among Black Magicians and the Human Race, to save and liberate as many souls as possible in this lifetime?
The Storm God — Baal, Bael or Ba’al — also known as The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, unlocks the Seventh Gate, revealing the “nuts and bolts” of demonic apprenticeship, infernal empire-building, and class unity.

A 95,000-Word, 339-Page, Historically Unprecedented Group Grimoire Of Real Time Gnosis By The King Of Kings
Timothy Foreword. Vamacara: The True Meaning & Origin of the Left Hand Path in Shakti Tantra
E.A. Koetting Book 1. The Grimoire of Baal
Edgar Kerval Book 2. Baal I Zaraq: Dispersion, Possession & the Negredo Phase
Bill Duvendack Book 3. Ba’al, Bel & Marduk
Orlee Stewart Book 4. The Book of Ascending Horns
J.D. Temple Book 5. The Book of Dying Darkness
Conner Kendall Book 6. Baal: Lord of Lords
Aserial Krabat Book 7. The King Code: Following the Creed of Success
Zeraphina Angelus Book 8. Bael: Beyond The Flesh
C.H. Richard Book 9. Bael: First King of Ars Goetia
In BAAL: The King of Kings, Compendium 7, you are going to learn:
Book 1. E.A. Koetting – The Grimoire Of Baal

Lord Baal Provides The “Nuts & Bolts” Of Building Your Magick Empire, Apprenticing With The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, And Awakening Class Consciousness Once And For All
You’ve come to Ba’al for powers that no other demon could offer. You’ve come to Ba’al for strength, for might, to build a kingdom that you could never build alone. You’ve come to Ba’al and he has come to you and he is with you now. What are you willing to do for power? What are you willing to sacrifice for your kingdom? The answer should be anything and everything. If it’s not, then you’re not ready. — p.46

The Invocation of the Lord of Darkness to enter his Throne Room and receive priceless Edicts from the King of Kings himself — p.48
A “blue collar” guide to Apprenticeship with the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, explained in down-to-earth terminology — p.43
Learn how to become the Storm God of YOUR life, and the uncensored demonic psychology personified by the Storm God, Baal — p.51
The essentials of class consciousness revealed — how to transform from “peasant” to self-ruler, and the occult meaning behind the Scepter of the King and the Fire of the Gods — p.51
The 3 exact powers to rise as a King or Queen that you can do literally right now — p.51
A true story of E.A. and his “initiation” into a private worldwide Brotherhood of the world’s most powerful people, and how YOU performing magick of Baal automatically initiates you too — p.53
I have this simple metric that I use in deciding who to invest my time and energy in. Are you here to feed off me or are you here to help me feed others? If you’re here to feed off of me, get the fuck out. If you’re here to help me feed others, there are plenty of mouth’s that need it, and many of these people are silently crying for it, silently praying for it, and God is not answering their prayers.
I am here to do the work that God refuses to do. I am here to do the work that only I can do. — p.56

Find out the Daily Disciplines of the King and Baal’s Four Edicts that let you “become the storm” instead of “fear the storm” — p.56
My innovative threefold approach to meditation, invocation, and ritual to access multiple aspects of your Godself and connect with the Three Godlike Power — p.57
The “1% Principle” that guarantees your day-to-day ascent, how I verified this Principle with Azazel too, and his reciprocal 90-day mandate — p.58
The blasphemous secrets of Empire-Building, and how to form a “Union of Autonomous Empires” to revolutionize your “infernal territory” — p.59
“You build the kingdom by building the king” — Unlock the hidden meaning behind this priceless motto, and indoctrinate yourself with the psychology of a Commander-in-Chief. — p.60
By even reading this text, you have inserted yourself into a very powerful ritual — perhaps the most powerful Aeonic ritual in human history. Hundreds of thousands are currently engaged in the Gatekeeper Working worldwide. I have opened the Gates and I stand between the worlds. And now you have joined me at the Crossroads. — p.60

The right, accurate metrics to valuate your Kingdom or Queendom to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. — p.62
Learn the Four Stages of Ascent as mandated by Baal with precise illumination to navigate these four stages and rise above mundane class power inequality once and for all — p.67
My “compare and contrast” discourse on the classes of The Victim, The Manifestor, The Channeler, and BEING — and why you NEED to indoctrinate this to awaken the True King or Queen within — p.69
I unveil for the first time ever: The King’s Rite — Here’s how to perform the lifelong four-phase ritual to embrace your Godhood and rise from the ashes of your former self indefinitely — p.74
Book 2. Edgar Kerval – Baal I Zaraq: Dispersion, Possession & The Negredo Phase
An Advanced Rituology On The Occult Connexions Of Ba’al And Bael With Qliphothic Sorcery Of A’arab Zaraq To Experience New Gnosis
By exploring the diverse masks of Baal, we find a deep connection with A’arab Zaraq through the Qliphoth. Here we explore the realms of war in which reside the power of Baal. Known as “The Raven of Dispersion” or “The Raven of Death,” Baal I Zaraq presides over the gnosis of the Void. — p.82

The need-to-know historical and religious facts behind Ba’al and Bael to provide you a crash-course in Canaan and Phoenician theo-demonology, highlighting their elaborate magickal relationships, connexions, and synergies — p.78
How to innovate Lord Baal’s demonic magick through the Qlipha of A’arab Zaraq, the Raven of Dispersion, to discover Baal I Zaraq and enter Gnosis of the Void — p.81
How to navigate the chaotic realms, voids, and dissolutions innate to Qliphothic Magick by pathworking the “Points of Entrance” and penetrating astral gateways — p.82
To work with A’arab Zaraq, is to enter the portal of self-mastery in the art of war. Psychic skills are used to fight and to transcend into the infernal light. It is to learn how to fight with your inner self and obstacles, and transcend reality, using your psychic abilities as weapons, and develop your occult faculties through the wisdom of the “Formula of Putrefaction-Death-Decomposition,” emerging as a strong individual, renewed and transformed. — p.84

How to enter the “Portal of Self-Mastery” and undergo the “Formula of Putrefaction-Death-Decomposition” to emerge armed with the psychic skills of self-transformation — p.84
The best approach to enter Gnosis with Bael from personal experience — p.85
Two distinctive clairvoyance techniques to view Baal and any demon in ritual evocation — p.86
Suppressed wisdom from Vodoun Magick to heighten your Spirit Possession and intensify your Communion in ritual — p.87
Step-by-step guide to performing The Rite of the Black Mirror, an essential rite to explore the Qliphothic Realm of Baal I Zaraq and open astral portals for influxes of energy — p.90
How to fashion together The Fetish Totem of Baal I Zaraq and a related Consecration Rite for protection, baneful magick, increasing wealth, and destroying blockages — p.92
An orgasmic sex ritual to awaken the Hidden Powers of the Tunnel of Niantiel with accompanied demonic sigil — p.94
An essential discourse on Black Alchemy & Qliphothic Alchemy, with an introduction to the Obsidian Gate, and a full discourse on the Negredo Phase… “as the Raven of Dispersion flies over the mountains of madness and feeds from the carrion of your own conscious reality” — p.100
Book 3. Bill Duvendack – Ba’al, Bel & Marduk
A World’s Top Demonologist Decodes The Hidden Occult Synergy Of Ba’al, Bel & Marduk… Travel Back In Time To The Cradle Of Civilization To Unmask The TRUTH About These Ancient Forces
Many people have worked with Ba’al, and have reported and experienced great success and results. And, usually, this would mean specifically working with Ba’al Hadad, even though they may not know it or claim it. Far fewer have worked with Bel, and therein lies the secret. There are four very esoteric ways to work with Bel, and both could be equally powerful. — p.112

An urgently-needed demystification on Ba’al, i.e., that Baal refers to an ancient title — find out the exact facts around this historical clarification and how to interpret that magickally as a modern magician — p.105
The factual occult connexion between Ba’al and Bel, two confusing names or titles that descend from separate regions of the Semitic speaking people — p.107
An essential introduction to the chief deity of Babylon, Marduk, and his consort, Sarpanit, and the greatest champion of Marduk, the Babylonian ruler Hammurabi, known for his justice and legal system, as well as Nebuchadnezzar I, and his kingdom — p.108
Sacred prostitution was common in Babylon, and it was found at its strongest at their temple. The concept of the sacred whore is not unique or original to Babylon though, and traces of this aspect of a belief system can be found in ancient civilizations and cultures throughout the world at that time. It was common in Egypt, and was popular enough that it lived on into the Greek empire. While on the surface this may seem like glorified prostitution, there was more to it than this. — p.108

The TRUTH about Marduk as a most powerful magick spirit versus his lower rank in the official Babylonian hierarchy, and how he evolved into a top god still revered today — p.109
Trace the roots of Marduk back to its earliest known origins, pinpoint his planetary correlation, and how Marduk “answered the call” of the Annunaki in civil war — p.109
The elaborate occult implications of Ba’al Hadad and Bel Hadad, and furthermore, Bel Marduk or Ba’al Marduk — discover the historical fact that a Bel-Marduk cult existed — p.111
Cutting edge theory on the metamorphosis of Ba’al from an ancient title & role into an autonomous magick spirit — p.111
Four occult paradigms or approaches to entering gnosis with Baal — p.112
The 50 Names of Marduk: How to arrange your Temple and perform a magick invocation or summoning ritual in authentic Mesopotamian style — p.217
Book 4. Orlee Stewart – The Book Of Ascending Horns
Smash The 10 Commandments With Baal’s Blasphemy For Spiritual Enlightenment… Save Yourself From Slavery Of Authoritarian God, Yahweh, And Resurrect The Limitless Sexual Power Of The Fertility Goddess
The fear of eternal torment or to be shunned from the heavens has restrained our evolution as by careful design. Entire communities and civilizations stand upon these structures for their survival in a world teeming with sin. Those of us who dare to move against these supposed moral structures are able to break through into a different world, an existence where we truly can change reality with the power of the stars within our hearts. — p.127

An outline of the inherited religious system of power, moral corruption, and social regression caused by it — p.127
Disclosure of her childhood trauma at a Jewish academy that enforced strict conformity to Judaic tradition and the Hebrew language — p.128
Personal story of her emotional preservation and ultimate escape from everyday indoctrination and isolation — p.129
I found this imposed modesty to be repulsive and discarded it for my own power. This touches upon Baal and his connection to the Egyptian goddess called Hathoor, who is also known as the Lady of the Vulva, a symbol for sexual and masturbatory empowerment for the feminine generative qualities. The religion of my people is structured to suppress that which Baal represents, the solar glory of fertility and the creator as female through her name as the Mistress of Life. — p.129

A need-to-know occult connexion between Baal and Egyptian goddess Hathoor, a.k.a. Lady of the Vulva and Mistress of Life, through “solar glory of fertility,” and their inseparable god-goddess synergy — p.129
A sorcerous analysis on the demonization of Baal, the bull, as found in the Bible, as it pertains to the patriarch Moses consuming entheogens, inheriting the Ten Commandments, thereby prohibiting calf idolatry, criminalizing worship of the cow fertility goddess, and committing an ethnic cleansing — p.133
A black witch’s bombshell indictment on the 10 Commandments, destruction of the golden calf, and the Bible in general as an explicitly anti-goddess prohibition and codification of female sexual enslavement — p.135
The law codes bestowed upon the Israelites is male dominant, as women must dress and behave modestly, and are not permitted to participate in many important prayer situations. The destruction of the golden calf was an effort to wipe out the goddess energy and sexual empowerment. — p.135

A priceless quotation by “The Great Beast” Aleister Crowley from Liber OZ, revealing how the underlying philosophy of Thelema undeniably supports the black magick motto of self-deification and freedom — p.136
Riding the Beast: a moment-by-moment reliving of an unforgettable, life-changing ritual with Baal toward Destruction of the Holy Law — and exactly how YOU can perform it for spiritual enlightenment and liberation too — p.140
Book 5. J.D. Temple – Liber Mori Tenebris: The Book Of Dying Darkness
Lord Baal’s Channeled Gnosis Revealing The Emergent Cosmogenesis Of This Physical Plane, And The Multiverse Cosmology Fueled By Magick Synergy Between The Universes
There are no nets in which will cradle our fall from grace, just as there is no savior that shall come to our rescue. As in the end, it shall be as it was in the beginning, you standing triumphantly as the God possessing unlimited potential. The God that grasps firmly in their hands the power of all creation. — p.155

Grasping Infinity: The “deific psychology” behind marshaling the interdimensional forces of magick in modern time — p.155
Aeon-by-aeon retelling of the magickal cosmogenesis emerging the abyssal Great Mother, from which the Infernal Empire arose, and Demonic Gatekeepers were born — p.158
Invocations of the sinister chants that emanated in sonic creation — p.159
The Inner Black Flame of Truth: how the Nine Demonic emerged into animated existence at the octave of the Eos of Orion — p.161
The planetary evolution of Baal and life on earth — called Amaya — and the Rise of the Harlot, Babalon — p.167
The Calling Forth of the Eos of Orion: the precise, elaborate ritual to call upon the nine creator energies, planets, and spirits to manifest any new idea into a complete state of being of existence — p.169
Discover the Sigil of All Creation, the Sigil of the Sun, the Sigil of the Moon, the Sigil of Babalon, Sigil of Baal, Sigil of Mercury, Sigils of Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Saturn — necessary fuels to empower ANY earthly manifestation ritual — p.177
How an initiate of Baal can perform a nine-day “Rite of the Nine: Power & Wealth” to flood their rituology with both psychic and magickal potency, including the Sigil of the Mark & Sigil of the Marked One, and day-to-day demonic incantations — p.190
Book 6. Conner Kendall – BAAL: Lord Of Lords
A Demonic Grimoire Revealing Alchemical Gnosis & Dialog With Bael, How To Perform An Arsenal Of Hellfire Rituals, And Unlock The Gate of Hamidah To Access The Limitless Self
I have summoned you to show you the keys to the Kingdom of Chaos, should you accept, which you will. Then you shall be the predecessor of chaos itself. — p.204

The Witching Hour: a true 3:00 AM “wake up” experience whereby Bael summoned the magician within a Saturnian lucid dream, the appeared in ritual evocation for first contact — p.203
How to perform a modern ritual evocation of Bael — and the Book of Shadows entry of his experience encountering the Goetia-like chimera manifestation of a feline, toad, and spider. — p.205
Quote-by-quote dialog of gnosis between the sorcerer and Bael, whereby the Gatekeeper reveals the precious Seal of the Gate of Hamidah — and discovery of the psychic brand called the Godstar, emitting an alchemical light. — p.207
Private records of the real time “insane” poltergeist activity as witnessed by the author and his fiancé in their house post-ritual — p.212
Rite of the Black Obelisk: How to open the Gate of Hamidah, center yourself in the Godstar, and summon the Nine, in order to become as if the 10th Demonic Gatekeeper yourself — p.339
The apocalypse will be a great splendor, they have their armies, it’s time you readied yours. — p.220

Learn the alchemical secrets of Hellfire — here’s how to marshal your Hell Fire army to “create and annihilate, for it shall destroy worlds or give birth to the world in your image,” according to Bael — p.221
Find out how this breakthrough utilization of Hellfire with Bael dovetails back to the Lake of Fire with Azazel from The Book of Azazel by E.A. Koetting — p.221
How to Open the Gates of Hellfire to connect the external gate to your internal gate rooted in your Solar Plexus chakra for immediate empowerment — p.224
The Hellfire Meditation, Cleaning Ritual, Infernal Protection & Consecration: step-by-step walkthroughs for cleansing your energy body with hellfire to burn off any toxicity, illness, negativity and blockages — p.228
Bael discloses how to forge your Infernal Weapon to arm yourself as a magician in “ways only limited to your own imagination” — p.233
Hellfire is the force of the Infernal Empire comprised as one forever expanding fire. Each flame is but a demon, each ember is but the power of the lake of fire. Utilize hellfire for it shall create and annihilate, for it shall destroy worlds or give birth to the world in your image. — p.221

Bael shares the ultimate goal for those working the Path of the Gatekeepers while summoned within my timeless “mirror gate” of interdimensional divination — p.236
The Voice of Change & Limitless Self: find out the true pinnacle of ascent whereby the black magician has “become limitless, unbound, unchained” indefinitely by the cosmos — p.250
Book 7. Aserial Krabat – The King Code: Following The Creed Of Success
A No-Bullshit Guide To Free Yourself From Oppressive Traditions, Break Your Own Dogmatic Rules, And Determine Your Fate To Dictate Your Life As King Or Queen
The human race has forever lived under the oppression of its former rulers. Many aeons ago the world of mankind was separated from its former state of glory and plunged into spiritual darkness. We have not abandoned our children, we simply let them loose unto themselves, in order for you to grow and evolve. — p.255

A new, unconventional style of magick grimoire that furnish a “code of laws” that a magician can use as a King or Queen of their reality — p.256
The First Law: The secret to becoming the “benevolent dictator” and “commander in chief” of your free will — p.259
The Second Law: How to “profitably” distribute your scarcest resource, namely your limited sense of awareness in this lifetime — p.264
The Third Law: Find out the TRUE power of knowledge — p.270
The Fourth Law: How to compound your magick to accelerate and maximize your ascent, even if you were born at ground zero — p.273
How to unlock the “aristocratic” psychology and “three phases of discipline” to fuel your rise to godhood — p.275
The egoic self that is you, this persona that has been built by multiple outside factors starting from your very birth until here and now, doesn’t need to be your final version of who you are or what you can be. — p.259

Book 8. Zeraphina Angelus – BAEL: Beyond The Flesh
Precious Records Of A Black Witch’s Unforgettable Gnosis Experiences With Bael In Spirit Portals, And How To Lucidly Channel Demonic Gnosis By Yourself
I didn’t decide to work with King Bael. He was already with me. He chose to awaken my senses to his presence when it was time for me to learn what he had to teach me. I had asked Lucifer to teach me to reach my fullest potential as a witch and as such, I believe Bael came to me under Lucifer’s direction, as Belial and Beelzebub had before him. They know who you are. They’ve always known. They have seen you through lifetimes. The endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth. — p.281

Prisoners of the Mundane: How to “break through the limits constructed by Archon forces to keep us chained, gagged, and bound” — p.281
The truth about receiving messages and gnosis from ancient Gods for both new and old witches — p.283
The priceless power of “spiritual hygiene” to defend against toxicity, astral parasites, and lesser demons who prey on vulnerable humans — p.285
How portals of the Spirit World — water, fire & blood — open you to channel your demonic gnosis — p.286
The tried and true formula to perform your Salt Bath Ritual to commune with King Bael through a Spirit Portal that Zeraphina herself performed to enter gnosis — p.288
Everything ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows. The patterns of the universe repeat and recycle everywhere. Everything is a message, a lesson. The belief that existence is limited to what can be experienced through the five senses, is like a bubble around us, an illusion which we believe keeps us safe. Our worlds ebb and flow into each other. We are all one.— p.293

Precious lessons from encounters with Bael in a three-day ritual, whereby the Demonic King manifested in traditionally-attested Goetic forms: the Cat, Toad, Spider & King, elucidating their occult meanings — p.297
Discourse on Bael’s modern mission to awaken class consciousness and liberate the “lower classes” and “segregated groups” from tyranny — p.300
Book 9. C.H. Richard – BAEL: First King Of Ars Goetia
A Masterclass On The FIRST Demonic King From The Classic Grimoire, The Ars Goetia, Featuring Authentic Dialog From Real Ritual Evocation, And New Priceless Advancements In Goetic Magick
I am more than just a god, I am a teacher and a friend of humanity. I have delivered unto you the knowledge of effective warfare and expansion of both personal empires and expansion of larger mental, spiritual and physical structures. — p.304

Receive instant access to a public virtual altar to anchor
An essential introduction to the first Goetic King, Bael, an overview of his legions, and his magick power of invisibility, as attested in the classic grimoire, The Ars Goetia — p.304
The ancient etymological and theological descent of Baal, Ba’al, Ba’al Hadad, and more from Canaan mythology through Judaism and Christianity, with regional geographic origins — p.305
A close scrutiny of Christian Biblical passages naming Baal, his worshipers, their sacrifices, and helpful implications derived from these — p.306
Temples and altars made to King Bael (Ba’al Hadad) and other demons have been destroyed by followers of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other religions. The followers of these dangerous cults also killed anyone found to be worshipping these ancient gods or having any sort of spiritual contact or relationship with them. The Judeo-Christian holy book makes very clear to kill occult practitioners and anyone that communes with these ancient gods. — p.306

Lucid sentence-by-sentence dialog of gnosis between C.H. and Bael in real time ritual evocation wherefore Bael cryptically discloses the 13 Gateways or 13 Antichrists — p.307
5 concrete, logical conclusions derived from these points of discussion that open new areas of discovery within Goetic Magick as a field of study — p.307
Memorandum: genuine declassified documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the subjects of “psychic phenomenon” and “conscious spiritual intelligences” — this a MUST-SEE — p.308
A basic guide to Gematria — the study of the energy of numbers — for magicians and an extended table of Jewish Gematria Values — p.312
An overview on how combining the values of letters together in a word can create an entire new energy higher than the energy of each letter by itself — and how this ancient technology empowers magick — p.313
Learn how to fashion a mirror for real time spirit manifestation, with a step-by-step guide to performing the Magick Mirror Ritual to summon Bael — p.324
Receive three mysterious ciphers or seals from three separate entities introduced through Bael from his private Legions to aid you in his “psychic storm ritual” — p.335
Believe it or not, this extremely giant table of contents only scratches the surface of the new magick knowledge and innovations that you will unlock in BAAL: The King of Kings, Compendium 7 — a historically unprecedented group grimoire of gnosis with the Lord of Lords himself.


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BAAL: The King Of Kings with E.A. Koetting, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart - Hardcover Edition BAAL: The King Of Kings with E.A. Koetting, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart - Hardcover Edition
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