BEELZEBUB: Lord Of The Flies with E.A. Koetting, Michael Ford, Asenath Mason, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart and more – Hardcover Edition

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BEELZEBUB: Lord Of The Flies with E.A. Koetting, Michael Ford, Asenath Mason, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart and more – Hardcover Edition

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Book is in fine unread condition, 359 pages.

Published by Become a Living God

From the publisher:

I would caution 99 out of 100 magicians not to summon Beelzebub. Do not even bother to knock on his gate.

Okay, why?

I do not believe that a common magician can stomach him. Truthfully, he requires the most hardened veteran of demonic magick with the steadiest hand — like an old, seasoned, boat captain who can navigate the stormiest sea.

Beelzebub’s magick requires you to become like a lion tamer with balls of steel and a heart of gold.

You cannot flinch at his jump scares.

He will expose your corruption.

I can already hear you lying to yourself inside your head as you read this, trying to marshal false confidence, “Oh, E.A. is just exaggerating again. I can handle this demon, of course.”

I am not exaggerating. In fact, I am deadly serious. When you study the long suppressed history of Lord of the Flies, you will discover his other less known but equally accurate epithet… you will discover why they call him: The Lord of Pestilence.

The Highest Risk, The Highest Reward… Become Commander-In-Chief Of Legions By Authority Of The Prince Of Demons

A highly rare breed of human exists who “get their rocks off” through ascendant but dangerous ambitions — a “high risk, high reward” person. Friedrich Nietzsche called this breed of man The Übermensch.

Some men wrestle alligators.

Some men climb Mount Everest.

Some men run for president.

Some men rocket to outer space.

I summon ancient demons.

I evoked Beelzebub exclusively and subjected myself to his magick dominion for a full three months — three complete lunar cycles, a complete season of weather — as I did with Belial, Amaymon, Azazel, Abaddon, and Lucifuge chronologically. While I have factually survived my pathworking of Beelzebub and lived to “tell my tale,” he brought me to numerous near-death experiences, where he forced me to confront my deadliest impulse to commit suicide.

While under his dominion, an overriding urge to finally divorce from my decade-long life partner arose in me, i.e., I broke up with my longtime girlfriend, Erin. A schism had erupted years earlier in her and my relationship, and as my magick ascent accelerated, this schism widened. As I aspired to godhood, she surrendered to pedestrianism — a magician and a “muggle” will not last together forever. Beelzebub forced me to confront this.

Beelzebub Deifies You From The Inside Out By Uprooting Corruption From The Outside In…

While under complete possession of Beelzebub, I did not hit rock bottom — I crash landed into rock bottom.

He uprooted my worst, most toxic relationship — my life partner.

He uprooted my worst, most toxic tendency toward self-annihilation — my suicidal depression.

I have literally redesigned my house because of him — hand-painting an entire wall in dark red with a huge skin-textured inverted pentagram. When I use the term “whirlwind of power” to explain demonic evocation, I fucking mean it. They reshuffle the deck of cards in your life.

I sat distraught in solitude in the ramshackle club house of an abandoned golf course under moonlight, staring down the barrel of a loaded pistol, wondering why the main pillars of my life had crumbled — and in that moment, a life-changing epiphany struck me like a lightning bolt and saved my life. My darkest night of the soul suddenly gave rise to the brightest sunrise.

You see, Beelzebub knew the pillars of my life had rotted out and become infested by termites. He bulldozed the last remaining parts of my earlier, younger life. I had mistaken his mercy for brutality. I had mistaken his curing a plague with him inflicting a plague. Instead of dancing in his whirlwind, I fought against it…

…but YOU do not need to make that same mistake.

The Lord Of Pestilence Can Both Cure And Inflict Any Deadly Disease Of Magick — He Will Lift A Plague Off Your Life

I hereby gift to Beelzebub a new epithet: The Lord of Healing & Self-Defense.

Because in retrospect, he did precisely that. He detoxified my world. He uprooted corruption from the outside in, in order to deify me from the inside out. Quite simply: He cures any “illness” that threatens your ascent.

Would you like the “disease” of a painful dilemma lifted from your life?
Do you need the “pestilence” of a toxic person eliminated from your social life?
Do you need the “plague” of a self-annihilating personality trait cured?

If you said YES, then I have good news and bad news.

Good News: Dr. Beelzebub can heal you perhaps better than any other demon available on earth.

Bad News: Basically no true grimoires exist to initiate you into his magick. Needless to say, you can study ancient civilizations and their religions to flesh out his history, but in terms of modern grimoires, little to nothing exists.

This struck me as odd years ago and disheartened me, because everyone has heard of Beelzebub: Lord of the Flies, but very few black witches have pathworked him and recorded their authentic ritual experiences. Hence, I became exhilarated when he emerged as a critical member of The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, because I knew I would do him justice for the first time in history.

So, here you go…

Nine top authors and I have pioneered a 100% real, uncensored group grimoire of our individual and collective high gnosis with the super-demon, Beelzebub, himself. It entails a no-bullshit, balls-to-the-wall pathworking for only the most courageous black magicians from around the world.

Like I cautioned earlier, only a lion tamer with nerves of steel can endure Lord of the Flies and his whirlwind of power. Let me introduce you to my super-group of lion tamers…

A 100,000-Word, 360-Page Tour De Force Of The Most Hardcore Black Magick Rites As Mandated By Lord Of The Flies Himself

Timothy Foreword: The Avant-Garde
E.A. Koetting Book 1. The Grimoire of Beelzebub
Asenath Mason Book 2. Lord of Pestilence
Michael W. Ford Book 3. Baal Zebub: The Masks of Power
Edgar Kerval Book 4. Nar Rag Beelzebuth
Bill Duvendack Book5. The Beelzebub-Lucifer Connection
Orlee Stewart Book 6. The Book of Living Death
Conner Kendall Book 7. The Grimoire of Dark Defilement
Xag Darklight Book 8. The Demon-King Beelzebub
C.H. Richard Book 9. Ba’al Zebhul: Arch Bishop of the Qliphoth

In BEELZEBUB: Lord of the Flies, Compendium 5, you are going to learn:

Book 1. E.A. Koetting – The Grimoire Of Beelzebub
This Century’s Most Seminal Black Magician Slaps His Handprint On History — For The SIXTH Time In A Row — With The World’s FIRST Black Mass Of Beelzebub… Perform Magick From The World’s Only High Gnosis Grimoire Channeled From Lord Of The Flies

It’s time for us to rise as one and take our freedom, and we may have to step across the corpses of the fallen to rise to the top. We absolutely need to step on the corpses of our old selves to give birth to the new. — p.51

True but embarrassing reactions to my life-changing ritual experiences with Lord of the Flies — I provide an open admission and my sincerest condolences with respect to my demonological discoveries — p.33
The timeless, priceless secret to Beelzebub’s interdimensional mission and prognostication of “Cataclysmic Enlightenment for All” — in his exact terms — p.40
A theoretical breakdown of Beelzebub’s reference to a magick technology that he called the “escape pods” — again, in his terms — p.39

I will give you all that I can, all that I have received from the Lord of Flies, but I do it with the admission that after everything with Beelzebub, I am for once in my over 20 years of demonic magick, truly stunned and at a loss for words due to its merciless tornado of creative destruction in my mundane life. — p.34

Revelation on the First Outpost of the Infernal Empire on the physical plane — p.40
Calculated insights on the “access points” to the Dark Force as it streams from Overmind to Oversoul — p.40
The Three Rites of Beelzebub that marshal the forces of the mightiest Nethers of Beelzebub’s myriad legions: (1) Baht Rachor, (2) Balam Tehor, and (3) Zal’at Saphon— p.41
Balam Tehor: The first helpful, accessible Nether who you summon “to control thoughts and twist minds” — p.42
Baht Rachor: The second helpful, accessible Nether who “teaches how to give life and take life” — p.43
Zal’at Saphon: The third helpful, accessible Nether who you summon “to possess all knowledge” — p.44

In the Mormon Church there is a ritual that is performed upon a child, an infant, or in my case a four year old, in which the child is named, and that name is recorded in the records of the church here, as well as in the Book of Life. This is where my ritual of Black Mass begins, inverting the “blessing” of my name and my induction into family, church, nation, and species. From there, I unravel each covenant that I took that binds me. — p.50

The entire ceremonial outline of rites, sacraments, invocations, benedictions, hymns, and more to perform The Black Mass of Beelzebub fully — this will completely sever any unconsented ties with god, nation, family, and any other forces or entities that bind you magickally… this ritual strips you down to a point of nude liberation for the FIRST time in your life — p.47
How to perform the hardcore, left-hand Baptism, Confirmation, Renunciations, and Final Proclamation under patronage and power of the Sixth Demonic Gatekeeper — p.58
Book 2. Asenath Mason – Lord Of Pestilence
A World Leader In Qliphothic Demonology Teaches The Magick Of Deadly Diseases… This Highly Original Grimoire Scrutinizes Both Baneful & Protective Magick And Formulates Them Into Rites Fueled By Powers Of The Ancient Lords Of Pestilence

Within his Qliphothic realm, Beelzebub manifests as a huge insect with a human skull instead of the head, or comes as a swarm of insects, primal and alien, having no resemblance to anything that lives on the earth. These insects are associated with the death-bringing swarms of locusts which were believed to carry plagues and diseases fatal both to people and animals. His domain is the realm of the venomous and sickness-carrying insects, locusts, maggots, and swarms of vermin. He rules over diseases caused by bacteria and viruses that mutate and evolve as if they had their own consciousness. — p.63

A breakthrough treatment on the “Lord of Pestilence” archetype of demonology across ancient cultures and civilizations— p.63
A need-to-known survey of hidden occult links and connections between Beelzebub as found in The Bible, Grimorium Verum, The Testament of Solomon, and the Qliphothic Qabalah — p.63
Helpful guidance on evoking the powers of curing and cursing by the power of demons of plague and disease — p.64
Precise etymological derivations of Beelzebub’s peculiar name and epithet from a Philistine deity known as Baal Zebub or Baal Zebul — p.64
An explosive exposé on the correlation between Beelzebub and Pazuzu, and how exactly he came to be known as the “embodiment of evil” and “equivalent of the devil” as well as his apparent powers of demonic exorcism for healing and self-defense — p.65
Insightful reference on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as cryptically designated in the Christian Bible — p.64
The modernized Sigil of The Lord of Pestilence as channelled clairvoyantly and illustrated by Asenath herself — p.67
How to fashion together the Circle of Death to magnify and anchor the energy from the Lord of Pestilence, and the accompanied invocation to consecrate it  — p.69
Exactly how to perform the baneful “Send out the Locusts” rite — this surreptitious curse infiltrates the psyche of a victim and induces them into hypochondria, whereby they self-harm through extreme paranoia of sickness — p.71

A person infected with the energy of the Lord of Pestilence will develop a paranoid fear of disease, psychic attack or any other form of external assault, leading to extreme hypochondria and making them unable to recognize that they are doing harm to themselves this way. Eventually, their fears will manifest, taking over the body and transforming into an actual disease or physical symptoms of an astral attack. — p.71

How to build a highly powerful sympathetic fetish of your victim with physical objects containing their fingerprints, and how to perform a fool-proof curse that transforms them into a lightning rod of pain and suffering — p.73
The secret to harnessing the forces of Pazuzu to generate a bulletproof, protective aura that acts like a shield against attacks from both spirits, other magicians, and astral parasites — p.79
The Dream Oracle: The long-needed, magick key to triggering the miraculous process of self-healing for maladies that you do NOT even know currently harm you… and the TRUE STORY of how this helped to save Asenath’s life when conventional Western medicine could not — p.83
Elevation of Consciousness & Soul Flight: This advanced evocation combined with invocation harnesses the Skull of Beelzebub fetish to fuel your astral body to astral travel — p.87
Two cutting edge, experimental techniques: (1) Ritual of Self-Transformation, and the (2) Rite of Immunity to inoculate yourself against the most predatory energy toxins, through transforming into entities resembling the dwellers of the Qliphoth, becoming a vessel of Satariel, Ghagiel and Thaumiel respectively — p.95
Book 3. Michael W. Ford – Baal Zebub & The Masks Of Power
Like An Explosive PhD Dissertation That Resurrects Suppressed Canaanite Demonology, This Sinister Exposé Reveals The True Origins, Faces, And Names Of The Most Dangerous Gods — And How To Marshal Their Most Potent Astral Forces

The Black Adept must establish and maintain balance between the spiritual and carnal in this life; in this way, the Black Magician is propelled into and beyond the blazing and freezing darkness of the Abyss. Only intense determination and will guide the Luciferian through the Triad of the Morning Star and burn away that which is illusion, revealing the Luminous Flame of Phosphorescence so bestowed upon the elect by Deific Masks such as Beelzebub. — p.119

Daimonic Spirit & Deific Mask Theory: The consensus demonology behind the veiled “daimonic spirit” and “deific masks” of the Pre-Judean Deity known as The Prince of Demons — p.103
A key archaeological primer on the deity, Baal the Storm God, from as far back as the Bronze Age city of Ugarit, and how his nomenclature, epithets, and powers evolved into a New Testament Adversary — p.104
The numerous variations of ba’al or “lord” as Baal in the multitudinous tribes of the Levant in ancient time — p.104
The exact, word-for-word, side-by-side, Hebrew & English translations to clarify the most essential terminology for your convenience — p.105
Matthew 12:24, the Bible: How to accurately interpret the citation of Beelzebub in the Gospel of Matthew and upcycle it for a demonic invocation and Goetic evocation — p.105

Hadad, Haddu and Addu means “thunderer,” a conquering storm deity whose authority is not only that of the air, lightning, storm-clouds and rain. In Mesopotamia, Adad is the manifestation of Baal as the storm-god. “Aliyn Baal,” an epithet of the god is used to describe the power of which this Deific Mask wields; “Aliyn Baal” translates to “Mightiest Baal.” — p.107

A 100% authentic illustration of Baal Hadad, the Storm God, enthroned and gesturing, by occult artist Kitti Solymosi  — p.106
A full treatment on the etymology, mythology, and nomenclature behind the Thunderer and the Lightning — p.107
Forge your “Weapon of Magick” through synergy with the Exarch of Demons and Lord of the Dwelling — here’s how a Luciferian Adept transcends shallow monotheism and enters Gnosis of the Opposer with the Ruler of Demons — p.110

Luciferian Adepts do not limit their scope of tradition to merely one specific ethos; rather it is the Gnosis of the Opposer to interpret the omens and often buried “lore” of those persecuted by the early Christians and monotheistic dogma. Using the dark and baneful symbolism, the balance and origins provide insight to grasp and command the Gnosis of the Adversary as both beneficial and predatory, a Weapon of Magick to be wielded by the sorcerer. — p.110

An exclusive illustration featuring an elaborate medieval rendition of Beelzebub in full splendor of his occult totem — p.111
Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis: The true meaning of Luciferianism, revealed and illuminated in the simplest terms possible — p.113
Critical interpretations of the most essential passages referencing Beelzebub from myriad, including everything from The Gospel of Matthew, Ancient Records of Assyria & Babylonia, and The Testament of Solomon, to The Gospel of Nicodemus, The Goetia, and Dictionnaire Infernal — 115
Proven rituals to invoke Ba’al Zebub, Ba’al Zaphon, Ba’al Hadad, and Baal to manifest your True Will — p.128
Book 4. Edgar Kerval – Nar Rag Beelzebuth
A Long-Time Sorcerer Guides You To The Temple Of Flesh And Initiates You With Demonic Fetishes Of Baal-I-Zebuth… Experience A Highly Eclectic, Unapologetic Journey To The Heart Of Beelzebub’s Cave

Suddenly you find yourself deep inside the Black Cave of Beelzebub under the ocean, and you can see a red marble door, and you touch it. You can feel an unknown sensation such as if you were there a million years ago. So, you touch the door, it opens and a great void embraces and dissolves you into its own black abyss. Your mind is clear, and you can swim in this dismal paradise full of horns and bone shapes showing you its atavistic connections, and moving you to a Black Sun over your head. — p.149

An authentic totem featuring the sigil of Beel-I-Zebuth, as clairvoyantly channeled by black magician Edgar Kerval— p.133
A lucid examination of oneiric visions as a subconscious astral key to opening Beelzebub’s Gate  — p.135
Advanced clarification on the magick meaning behind the color black and the necromantic nexion between the afterlife, wandering spirits, and the human sorcerer a.k.a. Via Nocturna  — p.137
Shamanic wisdom that harnesses the primal power of undefiled wilderness in ritual to “jumpstart” your inner psychic sensory in preliminary ritual — p.141
The Temple of Flesh Ritual: A highly potent New Moon & Full Moon forest ritual that transforms your consecrated black mirror into a demonic gateway for heightened clairvoyant divination — p.146
Friendly introduction to performing ritual with aboriginal fetishes like tobacco, rum, coffee beans, sea shells, and more ancient sacrifices — p.147
Meditation through the Black Cave of Beelzebub to experience first-hand lucid astral encounters with atavistic deific masks of the Lord of Flies — p.149
A rare ritual trance invocation of Baal-I-Zebuth to raise the latent energies of repressed godhood — p.151
How to use a magickal mala to recite devotional chants that invoke and magnify the presence of Beelzebub in your temple — p.153
A vision quest of the anthropomorphic insect spectrum of Beelzebub to bring his Goetia, malefic force of Beelzebub within eternally — p.155
Book 5. Bill Duvendack – The Beelzebub-Lucifer Connection
In Classic Sleuth Fashion, This Preeminent Demonologist Connects The Hidden Dots Between Beelzebub & Lucifer With Their Canaanite Root Deities Ba’al & Attar — This Is A MUST READ!!

It never ceases to amaze me that so many demonized beings come from an ancient pantheon that doesn’t get the coverage it should, which is the pantheon of the Canaanites … most people interpret these demonic beings against the backdrop of what Christianity says, missing the bulk of the point and actual facts and evidence … both modern Lucifer and modern Beelzebub come from the Canaanite pantheon, but very little has been written about this particular topic … more Left Hand Path deities come from here than you might realize, so it is worth the investigation of the modern practitioner to research it to truly understand the beings we encounter on a regular basis. — p.161

Breakthrough discoveries in the true, little known, genealogical links between Beelzebub & Lucifer  — p.161
The hysterical origin of the name “Lord of the Flies” in relation to an ancient Philistine “fly cult” — p.163
True story of how Bill first encountered the sinister name of Beelzebub at 14 years only due to his listening to rock n’ roll — the roots of how Bill entered into demonology — p.163
Precise distinctions between Beelzebub’s name variations with their accompanied proofs that support the most common mainstream interpretations — p.164
A shocking story that dovetails the classic occult tale, The Cursed Book, with how Bill experienced his first run-in with Lord of the Flies through a literal insect infestation of his house due to his copy of Legion 49 — p.166
A much-deserved introduction to “He Who Is Bold in Battle” a.k.a. Attar, the legendary solar deity that governs fertility, water, storms, war, and more — p.168
The jaw-dropping, undeniable ancient parallel between Canaanite pair Baal & Attar that evolved into the contemporary Judeo-Christian pair Beelzebub & Lucifer — this is a MUST READ — p.168
Complimentary knowledge on Ishtar, Dagon, Moloch, and the Elohim a.k.a. The Children of El — p.175
Book 6. Orlee Stewart – The Book Of Living Death
The Mistress Of Black Witchcraft Reveals Her Necromantic Experiences As A Medium With Beelzebub As Her Psychopomp… Here’s The Dream Diary Of How She Guided Undead Spirits To The Underworld — With The Keys To Oneiromancy & Dark Lucid Dreaming Explained

I was concerned with this now repeated instance of helping ghosts in my sleep because it was disturbing and psychologically exhausting. If all the ghosts were to now come into my dreams, one after one, my dreams would cease to be controlled by my own missions … Here I learned that the dream world is an access point to the world of the dead. Beelzebub as Lord of the Flies serves as a psychopomp, with many flies bringing the spirits of the dead from one place to another. This is also reflected in the alchemy of the fly as it lays eggs in the dead so that its children turn the flesh of what has passed into life renewed. — p.190

The intriguing supernatural stories behind Orlee’s initiation with the Prince of Devils through literally breeding praying mantis nymphs — p.185
A tried and true technique to enhance dream recall and journaling along with passages from her 100% authentic, haunting dream diaries  — p.187
The Demonic Psychopomp: How Beelzebub taught Orlee to communicate with spirits of the dead through lucid dreaming and exploration of the hypnagogic state — p.188
8 word-for-word entries from her dream diary that provide sneak peeks into necromancy of the “Other Side” with helpful accompanied commentary and analyses  — p.197
The Rite of Becoming Dead: How to become death-incarnate and allow the psychopomp spirits to take your reality and merge it with that which is beyond the grave — p.200
Remarks on how perceptions of death can allow further communication with ancestors, wandering ghosts, and creatures of the nightside — p.201
Book 7. Conner Kendall – The Grimoire Of Dark Defilement
The Children Of Darkness Have Emerged… Discover The Most Hardcore Rites Of Liberation Through Putrefaction — Here’s Why Only Dark Defilement Can Elevate The Children Of Darkness To The Summit Of Their Apotheosis

Beelzebub: I will set you free of the pain, anger, turmoil, trauma. All that you have endured from your father, your siblings, the abuse, the suffering. These have been chains on you for far too long. — p.227

True story of how Conner beheld a swarm of black flies like a mini tornado forming a whirlwind of power in his temple — and WHY this induced a long night of vomiting and nausea — p.205
The first-ever deciphering of a forbidden chant channeled explicitly in evocation ritual with the Prince of Devils, and exact experiences from reciting this incantation out loud — p.207
The Aghori: overview of the current of Hindu tantrikas who venerate defilement as the path to great liberation, e.g., painting themselves in burnt ashes from new corpses — p.211
The Chant of Dark Defilement:  The 5-step technique to harness the magnitude of power through the exarch of devils himself — p.214
How to perform a physical evocation of Beelzebub with a clear overview of required recitations, consecrations — AND authentic entries from the Book of Shadows as recorded when Conner performed this demonic evocation himself — p.219
The Rite of Purification through Decay:  A creepy, but powerful guide to an act of magick defilement that involves three fly carcasses for simulation of Aghori-like liberation — p.223

…You are brought to hell and sentenced to self-inflicted torture … until you can forgive yourself you will be punished here for the sins you commit against yourself. — p.228

Here’s how to unlock Beelzebub’s Formula for Possession through three main phases: (1) Exhaustion, (2) Retraction, and (3) Alterations — furthermore, this ignited the deepest demonic possession ever experienced by Conner himself — p.234

The living gods are rising, the children of darkness are emerging from the abyss and left their temple, transforming the very world into their temple. — p.250

Book 8. Xag Darklight – The Demon-King Beelzebub
A Young Prodigy Records His High Gnosis With The Godstar, Lord Of The Black Pyramid, And Seed Of Darkness… The Torch Of Ascent Passes To The Next Generation In This Ambitious Grimoire

There I was, breathing the intoxicating fumes of the Serpentine God-King, Amaymon, the Breath of Sah, with my Eyes of Darkness fixed upon the Godstar, after my recent work with Azazel and Lucifer-Amaymon… — p.281

A theoretical introduction to deific masks, altar ego forms, and occult links of Beelzebub in ancient cultures — including but not limited to Enlil known as Nunamnir, Druh’nasu, Dushara & Zeus — p.255
The Litany of Beelzebub as clairaudiently channeled for initiation into Da’ath/the Abyss, along with a new, modernized sigil to induce gnosis  — p.257
A helpful guide to finding your individual identity as a black magickian in order to forge a uniquely personal path of ascent to godhood — p.259
Cosmological overview of planes and levels to existence for your convenient reference while soul traveling the Infernal Empire — p.262
How to perform the Litany of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers to urge physical apotheosis in the physical plane in this lifetime — p.266
True stories of life-changing magick experiences — from the Night of the Godstar and the Visit of the Ancient Serpent Satolas to discovering Dimension Zero   — p.270
The Gateway to Dimension Zero: how to access a bubble inside the Abyss at zero degrees with accompanied graphic explanation — p.271
Confessions of my personal gnosis with evoking Abezethibou, the “right hand” man of Beelzebub who can marshal entire legions of nethers to your command — p.274
The Black Pyramid: How to become the thunder commander and summon the lightning rods of power, combined with how to access the Main Chamber of the Pyramid, along with new, modernized seal of the Chamber itself and Acausal Dark mist — p.285
A precise, lengthy genealogical treatment of The Children of Darkness and their final form, known as the Sons & Daughters of the Dark Gate — p.289

The godhood of darkness awakens, a new age is happening right now, the Age of the Antichrist, the Black Pyramid is built and raised upon the face of earth, so may the Infernal Empire rise into glory and power, so let it be done. The sixth gate is opened, the sixth shining black point shines upon the face of earth, its Beelzebub and he awakens. — p.306

Book 9. C.H. Richard – Ba’al Zebhul: Arch Bishop Of The Qliphoth
An Authentic, Cutting Edge Journal Of A Mad Scientist’s Technical Experiments With Entering High Gnosis With Beelzebub Himself… Futurism, Metaphysics, And Black Magick Collide In A Pioneering, Insurrectionary Grimoire

One can’t use the Fallen Angels. They are using us. — p.307

A strictly logical analysis of the history, etymology, and occult meaning behind Biblical passages related to Beelzebub, Princes of the Goetia, Ba’al Zebhul, and more — p.315
A multiple-page, authentic, must-read, clairaudient dialog between C.H. Richard and the Goetic spirit Vassago in ritual gnosis  — p.316

The Third Spirit is called Vassago and is a Mighty Prince. He is of the same nature as Agares. This Spirit is of a good nature, and his office is to declare things past and to come, and to discover all things hidden or lost. He governs 26 Legions of Spirits. — p.316

An artistic depiction of the Goetic spirit Vassago as he appeared clairvoyantly to both C.H. Richard and the artist — p.320
A second multiple-page, authentic, must-read clairaudient dialog between the author and the Goetic spirit Sitri in ritual gnosis  — p.321

The Twelfth Spirit is Sitri. He is a Great Prince, and appeareth at first with a Leopard’s head and the Wings of a Gryphon, but after the command of the Master of the Exorcism he putteth on Human shape, and that very beautiful. He enflameth men with Women’s love, and Women with Men’s love; and causeth them also to show themselves naked if it be desired. He governeth 60 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, to be worn as a Lamen before thee, etc. — p.321

A third multiple-page, authentic, must-read clairaudient dialog between the author and the Goetic spirit Stolas in ritual gnosis — p.30

The Thirty-sixth Spirit is Stolas, or Stolos. He is a Great and Powerful
Prince, appearing in the Shape of a Mighty Raven at first before the Exorcist; but after he taketh the image of a Man. He teacheth the Art of Astronomy, and the Virtues of Herbs and Precious Stones. He governeth 26 Legions of Spirits; and his Seal is this, which is, etc. — p.322

Priceless snippets of gnosis received from Lucifer amidst his pathworking — it reveals secret links between Ancient Egypt and the magickal Atlantis continent — p.323
Step-by-step, word-by-word ritual evocation of Ba’al Zebub, Prince of Devils, and how to harness two spirits who serve under him: Fleruty and Tarchimache — along with necessary modernized spirit sigils and ritual seals — p.325
A heartfelt two-chapter dissertation on the ascent of humanity, the time of revolution, uses of “freedom propaganda,” and how to urge Homo sapiens to a new stage of evolution — p.335
A “final remark” and “afterthought” from his life-changing pathworking of Lucifuge Rofocale — here’s the priceless wisdom he received from both Lucifuge & Beelzebub in retrospect — p.340
Privileged access to a “digital altar” as mandated by Lord of the Flies — discover this online URL address and submit a sacrifice too as others have, to inherit his darkest blessings — p.

Beelzeboul has asked me to construct a public altar for him. As we live in the digital age, I decided that I would create one using web-based technologies. This altar as a result of being on the web, can be accessed by people all over the world, anyone with an internet connection and a web browser will be able to come before the altar of Beelzebub at this address… — p.343

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BEELZEBUB: Lord Of The Flies with E.A. Koetting, Michael Ford, Asenath Mason, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart and more - Hardcover Edition BEELZEBUB: Lord Of The Flies with E.A. Koetting, Michael Ford, Asenath Mason, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart and more - Hardcover Edition
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