CLAVICULA NOX IV: Lilith Issue (Bound in Wraps)

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CLAVICULA NOX IV: Lilith Issue (Bound in Wraps)

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The ecstasy found in Sex & Death; raw, primal and daemonic. This blood-red issue in Honour to Lilith is made for those whom dare to walk the path of Adversary and release ever hidden and repressed instinct and desire in order to illuminate our consciousness by awakening the Whore of Hell. Included in this issue: Bird of the Night Queen- Harbinger of Wisdom and Death by Johannes Nefastos, The Esoteric Formulae and Sigils of Lilith by Temple of the Black Light 218, The Temphioth Working by Stephen Sennitt, Gullveig and Lilith by Vexior, The Whore, The Qlipothic Womb and the Ruby Elixir by Asenath Mason, Understanding The Path by Mark Alan Smith, Lilith – An Imperative Truth by G. McCaughry, Quattuor Hymni ad Lilit by G. Frontcover artwork by Jack MacBeth the author of The Totemic Invocation of the Shadow Selves. Professionally printed, illustrated magazine, thick blood-red covers, perfect binding, 52 pages. Printing of 1000 copies

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