CRAFT OF THE HEDGE WITCH by Geraldine Smythe – Limited Edition Hardcover


CRAFT OF THE HEDGE WITCH by Geraldine Smythe – Limited Edition Hardcover

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Limited edition hardcover of 100 hand numbered copies. Published in 2022, 143 pp, 6×9. Book is in new unread condition.

Published by Crossed Crow Books

About this book:

Foreword by witch and author Rachel Patterson

The Hedge Witch’s magic is based on seamlessly shifting themselves into the twilight plane, where miracles are commonplace and their magic flows freely. As a newer amalgam emerging from and within the traditional paths, Hedge Craft draws from the most pragmatic aspects of witchcraft and shamanism, giving the witch a deeper understanding of their power and practical methods to access their potential. The beginner Witch and seasoned practitioner will benefit from the ideas, theories, and magical workings presented herein.

Within this book, the reader will be introduced to methods of obtaining one’s key, which is their own personal word or phrase used to induce the shift away from the world of agreement, the mortal world, into the world of otherness. Within this altered state of being, magic may be realized and experienced with greater potency and the spirits who inhabit this world may be found to manifest with greater ease.



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