CULTS OF THE SHADOW by Kenneth Grant (Hardcover Edition)

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CULTS OF THE SHADOW by Kenneth Grant (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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Skoob Books Pub Ltd, 2021,  5×8 inches, 250 pages. Book is in new unread condition.

Many sincere occultists have hesitated to study the notorious left hand path for fear of stumbling into incalculable evil and ultimate damnation. As the last student of Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant has no such hesitations. In he shows that the left hand path has no connection with black magic-it is a legitimate balance to the right hand path dating back to the primeval phases of consciousness. Grant leads us on a dark pathway through Africa’s Ophidian (snake) tradition Egypt’s Draconian cult and the Tantric secrets of India and Tibet into the present day.

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