DEMONOGRAPHIA: The Fountainhead of Diabolic Portraiture (Limited Edition Hardcover)


This is a rare and limited, reprinted cloth edition of the infamous DEMONOGRAPHIA, published by Trident Books.

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The Fountainhead of Diabolic Portraiture

Depicted herein are the Infernal Kings and servitors mentioned in the work the Lesser Key of Solomon and akin literature. The description of the demons have been translated from the original French by Prudence Priest; presented here in English for the first time.

“It is only in the very middle of the 19th Century that we definitely hit on the form assumed by the principal demons when they are evoked. A curious writer, Jacques Collin de Plancy, issued the 6th and definitive edition of his Dictionnaire Infernal (published by Plon) in 1863. This work contains “the portraits of 72 demons drawn by Monsieur L. Breton, “after precise originals”… – Grillot de Givry, The Illustrated Anthology of Sorcery, Magic and Alchemy.

Trade cloth, hard binding. First edition. Over run – unnumbered.

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