DR JOHN DEE’S SPIRITUAL DIARIES (1583-1608) edited by Stephen Skinner- Deluxe leather bound limited edition hardcover


DR JOHN DEE’S SPIRITUAL DIARIES (1583-1608) edited by Stephen Skinner- Deluxe leather bound limited edition hardcover

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Handbound in real leather,
tooled with gold leaf
Strictly Limited to 150 copies this being #9
Size: 8″ x 10″
Pages: 844
26 B/W plus 6 in full color

Near fine condition with very light discoloration to foredge paper which is very common with this title due to the paper used.

Published by Golden Hoard Press

From the publisher:

Dr John Dee’s Spiritual Diaries (1583-1608)

Reset and corrected edition
True & Faithful Relation of what Passed for many Yeers between Dr John Dee…and Some Spirits…
With a complete translations of all Latin passages

Preface by Meric Casaubon
Edited by Stephen Skinner

This is a completely revamped and reader-friendly edition of A True & Faithful Relation of what passed for many Years between Dr. John Dee… and some Spirits, which has the great advantage of having all Latin passages translated, so you no longer have to look elsewhere for the meaning.

Translation and editing by Stephen Skinner, with a detailed introduction, appendices, extensive footnotes, supplementary texts, additional illustrations, and a Dee timeline.

This book contains John Dee’s Spiritual Diaries for 25 years (1583-1608), now made available in an organized and readable form.

For any scholar or practitioner of magic, easy access to Dee’s skrying and conversation with angels (the Enochian system) is one of the most important parts of the Western Esoteric tradition. This book also covers Dee’s invocation of the angels, his experiments in alchemy, and experiences in the courts of the crowned heads of Europe.

This book incorporates almost 5000 corrections from the original notes of Meric Casaubon, Elias Ashmole and William Shippen, checked against the original manuscripts written by Dee (not against blurry microfilms with missing marginal gaps). Sections which were originally missing from Casaubon’s edition have been added. Angels, spirits, people, places, dates and times have been fully footnoted, and Casaubon’s errors corrected. The reader will find this a much more accessible entrance to the world of Dr Dee’s conferences with angels and spirits, and a welcome improvement on every edition so far published.

Stephen Skinner was responsible for initially stimulating the renewed interest in John Dee and Enochian magic by first re-publishing Meric Casaubon’s True and Faithful Relation… in 1973. He has now published the definitive edition, 46 years later.


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