ENOCHIAN MAGIC IN PRACTICE by Frater Yechidah (Signed Limited Hardcover)

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ENOCHIAN MAGIC IN PRACTICE by Frater Yechidah (Signed Limited Hardcover)

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Signed limited edition hardcover of only 100 signed and numbered copies

From the publisher:

The second of Frater Yechidah’s eagerly awaited Enochian Magic series, detailing John Dee and Edward Kelley’s magical system in extraordinary detail, from the Heptarchic system to Enochian proper. This expansive volume goes beyond the theory, giving a detailed, thorough and comprehensive guide on how to put Enochian magic into practice, from skyring and evocation to tools and talismans, and, for the first time ever, a complete method for the binding of Cacodaemons. This tome gives easy to follow instructions on how to use the Enochian system, both from the original Dee perspective, and also from more modern techniques, such as those employed by the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, the Order of the Sons and Daughters of Light, and other pioneering magicians.

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