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ESSAYS Volume #3 by J. Edward Cornelius & Erica M Cornelius – Signed Limited Edition Hardcover


ESSAYS Volume #3 by J. Edward Cornelius & Erica M Cornelius – Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

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One of only 200 signed limited edition hardcovers.  Published in 2016, 317pp. Book is in new unread condition

Published by Cornelius 93 Press

From the publisher:

This volume includes only eight essays from No.81 to No.88 in our private archive. They detail years of study by Frater AO583. He was an upper degree initiate of OTO and the personal A.’.A.’. student of Grady Louis McMurtry. These essays explain the symbolism and theories regarding Frater AO583’s Thoth cards from The Fool to The Chariot. When Grady died, copies of two specific cards painted by AO583 were found on Grady’s private altar. According to Aleister Crowley, these specific paths relate to the foundation stones of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. By Crowley’s own admission, failure in any one of these limbs means complete inability to fulfill IXth Degree OTO and he notes– “The O.T.O. is a training of the Masonic type; there is no ‘astral’ work in it at all, nor any Yoga. There is a certain amount of Qabalah, and that of great doctrinal value. But the really vital matter is the gradual progress towards disclosure of the Secret of the Ninth Degree.” However, he’s quick to add – “To use that secret to advantage involves mastery both of Yoga and of Magick; but neither is taught in the Order.” (Magick Without Tears). These essays also show how these paths relate to the Minerval (Chokmah) and First Degree (Binah) OTO on the Tree of Life. These paths reveal the basics of Crowley’s sexual theories. This volume includes black and white reproductions of AO583’s oil paintings of his cards. Released 2016. 
“The present volume of Essays comprises some of J. Edward Cornelius’ Tarot studies—specifically those related to OTO Minerval and First degrees. Yet if you think of this volume as ‘just a Tarot book,’ you will miss the intent. This is a book on the sacred lessons of the first eight Qabalistic Paths. Each Tarot card of the Major Arcana correlates to one of twenty-two specific paths on the Tree of Life. The first eight paths are all those that are connected to the three Supernal Sephiroth: Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. Thus, viewed microcosmically, they inevitably connect earthly to divine aspects of Self. Put another way, the eight paths Cornelius discusses in this book are the “true measure between Heaven and Earth”: BAPHOMET. Each of them represents a set of ‘wires’ between two specific points of esoteric anatomy that any practical Qabalist must develop and work in order to gain the freedom to do his Will. To that end, Cornelius gives many hints. This is what it is to do the Great Work, and this is what this book is all about.
Cornelius, an OTO upper degree under the direct tutelage of Grady Louis McMurtry, explores the secrets of the first eight Paths on the Tree of Life through a number of Thelemic and allied sources. Many are those which McMurtry directed him to study regarding the paths, even as Cornelius’ cards portray the secrets McMurtry taught him. Cornelius routinely includes Liber AL vel Legis and many of the other Holy Books; Aleister Crowley’s commentaries to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s The Seven Portals, from The Voice of the SilenceThe Vision and the VoiceThe Book of LiesMagick in Theory and Practice; OTO sex magickal papers, books, and commentaries by Crowley and others; Liber ArcanorumThe Two and Twenty Secret Instructions of the Master from Crowley’s The Heart of the MasterLiber Viarum ViaeThe Wake WorldA Tale for Babes and Sucklings; McMurtry’s The Angel and the Abyss, A Cycle of 22 Poems in Honor of Our Maid of the Star DriftsMy Lady of the BreechesA History with a Vengeance; and The Book of Thoth. For an overview of these correlations, readers are advised to consult Grady’s “cheat sheets,” which are published in Essays 1. In the present volume Cornelius explains the first eight of these correlations in full. He also draws upon a number of other Thelemic, Christian, Judaic, Hermetic, and psychological sources in order to elucidate mysteries relating to OTO Minerval and I°. In illuminating the first eight paths through the lenses of these various sources, Cornelius brings the foundation stones of Crowley’s magickal system into clear view and develops insights to be found nowhere else.
Though the views presented in this book ultimately derive from the archetypes of but one Adept, and so can be completely applicable for him alone, they nevertheless represent those of a Magus of some fifty years of study and initiatory experience who also happens to be the magickal heir of Grady Louis McMurtry, who was, in turn, the magickal heir of Aleister Crowley. In other words, they are the views of the Caliph of Thelema. Disagree with them, embrace them, hate them, or love them; for years to come they will undoubtedly provide you rich food for the magickal insights and thoughts that actually matter most: your own!”
                                                                                                                                                                                                              – Erica M Cornelius


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ESSAYS Volume #3 by J. Edward Cornelius & Erica M Cornelius - Signed Limited Edition Hardcover ESSAYS Volume #3 by J. Edward Cornelius & Erica M Cornelius - Signed Limited Edition Hardcover
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