Fountain of Wisdom by David Chaim Smith – Hardcover Edition

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Fountain of Wisdom by David Chaim Smith – Hardcover Edition

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• 8×10 Clothbound hardcover book
• Smyth sewn and blocked in red metallic
• French fold dust jacket
• Custom endpapers
• 14 images
• New translation by Dr. Mark Verman

From the Author

The 13th century text, The Fountain of Wisdom, is one of the most challenging works of the kabbalistic tradition. Alongside this important text is a passage-by-passage commentary by David Chaim Smith, designed to address the working issues of the spiritual practitioner. The Fountain of Wisdom presents a labyrinth of psycho-aetheric symbols that map out the subtle atmospheres, textures, and resonances discovered through radical contemplative mysticism. The strange and beautiful imagery functions as a set of doorways through which the mind passes, allowing for discoveries that no other kabbalistic text comes close to offering. The original 13th century text is included here in its entirety in a new English translation by Dr. Mark Verman, one of the pre-eminent scholar-translators of this generation.

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