Galileo Galilei by Sidereus Nuncius (Hardcover Edition)

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Galileo Galilei by Sidereus Nuncius (Hardcover Edition)

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Debossed Hardcover
Bound in textile
Measures 100×160 mm
163 Pages
Sewn book block
Ribbon marker
Printed on 115 g wood free, age resistant Munken Premium Cream paper

Note From the Publisher

Standard Hardcover EditionLanguages: Latin and English In 1609, Galileo constructed the first powerful telescope and started observing the heavens, which led to many monumental discoveries. He published his initial findings on the moon and the stars in a short treatise titled “Sidereus Nuncius” (“Sidereal Messenger”). The new Black Letter Press edition holds both Latin and the English translation in one Book. The small hardcover is bound in Linen and is embossed with a circle, that reminds to a view through the telescope. In the circle, you see Galileo’s drawings of the Pleiades star cluster.


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