GODFORMS OF THE GOLDEN DAWN TRADITION by Pat Zalewski (First Edition Hardcover)


GODFORMS OF THE GOLDEN DAWN TRADITION by Pat Zalewski (First Edition Hardcover)

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First edition hardcover, 146 pages. Book is in new unread condition.

Published by Golden Dawn Publications 2018

Many things covered by several other authors on the Golden Dawn tradition have frequently been dealt with purely on a superficial level, rarely going beyond what was taught in the “official” papers of the G.D. and R.R. et A.C. and thus being void of the immense amount of detail otherwise accompanying them by way of oral instruction. Pat Zalewski’s books, however, have always remedied that by providing a great deal of such detail, which he received at the hands of the old Smaragdum Thalasses Initiates as well as extrapolated himself from the core material of what one learned as an Initiate of the Golden Dawn tradition–just as he was taught to do. This book is another such treasure that provides individuals interested in and passionate about the G.D. tradition with details that have, thus far, been greatly missing from published literature. Anyone sufficiently familiar with this tradition is very well aware of how its Initiation Ceremonies are of central importance. The subject of godforms is, likewise, of central importance to the Initiation Ceremonies. Thus a book such as “Godforms of the Golden Dawn Tradition” is a godsend (pardon the pun) to anyone interested in learning more about and better understanding the structure and mechanics of the Golden Dawn Grade Ceremonies. It covers the identity of the deities employed in the Outer Order rituals, their mythology, their function as well as some very interesting thoughts on what exactly godforms are and what it is that allows us to make use of them in magical operations such as the Initiation Ceremonies.

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