KITVEI KODESH HaCHOL Volume 1 & 2 by Matthew Wightman – Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover


KITVEI KODESH HaCHOL Volume 1 & 2 by Matthew Wightman – Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover (Bumped Corners)

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200 exemplars standard edition

Book specifications:

– Full leather bound.
– Gold foil lettering to the spine and front cover sigil in gold foil.
– Black end-papers.



As has already been revealed, the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol will concern the confrontation with the Conflict, Violence and Strife of the polarities and contradictions of the One (the Atzmut), the Essence of ALL and NONE.

As a written work, it will necessarily appear to represent the particular perspective of the Sitra Achra, the Other Side of Opposition to the Cosmic expressions already familiar to us: the Holy Bible, the Mystical Commentary of the Zohar, the Traditional Liturgies of Synagogue and Church, the Dogmatic Theology of Orthodoxy, and the Spirit of Creation and Cosmos.

For those familiar with my previous work and the nature of the Current 61, you will know that Opposition with and within the One is no simple matter, going far beyond simple yes and no-saying, and that it is often in what is not said, what cannot be said, that the Truth is revealed.

The words of this work will serve as a roadmap to these non-places, these gaps, where Knowledge and Truth—that which ruptures the Unrupturable One—can be found.

You will find within these texts the tension of contradiction between the words of the Creator and those that seek to undo his Word, World and Work. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, you will find a path to Knowledge and Truth opened in the wake of the Serpents Opposition. It will be in the gap, in the silence, created by this Opposition that the path forward (and backward) will be revealed.

As with the Emanations of the Ain Sof, each volume of the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol will be indispensable to understanding the Work as a Whole, of which each volume is a microcosmic manifestation. Each volume will be broken into five equal and intertwined chapters that individually will reveal profound Wisdom and Knowledge specific to its scope, but which collectively are meant to offer Understanding contained within, yet beyond their parts. Those parts will concern: The Scripture of the Sitra Achra, Scriptural Commentary, Prayers and Devotion, Theology and Philosophy, and the Rites, Rituals and Goetic Evocation of the Ultimate Legion of El Acher.

The first series of volumes in this multi-book project will fall under the title HaDam Shel Daath v HaDaath Shel Dam (The Blood of Knowledge & The Knowledge of Blood) and will each be broken into the following five sections:

1. Alogos Zanav—The Unthinking End/End of Unthinking

This is the Scripture of the Sitra Achra, whispered from the Mouth of El Acher into the Ear of faithful Priest, Prophet and Scribe, Baal Sane Akal (now deceased), passed on to me through initiatory rites, for redaction and transmission in this context.

These Words of Undoing are interwoven into the Cosmic Word of the Creator, organized by and according to the Revelation of the Nachash, breaking it open to reveal the depth of meaning within and between the words of the text. This Unholy Holy Writ will serve as the Boundless Foundation of the Wisdom of El Acher—to be read, studied and taken to heart in all that the devotee thinks, feels and does.

2. Sefer HaTselel—The Book of Shadow

The antithesis of the Sefer HaZohar (The Book of Splendor)—this is the Commentary on the Scripture described above, much like that found in the extra Sefer Damah (The Book of Undoing) booklet that accompanied deluxe copies of the Serpent Siddur, though far more in-depth and exhaustive, including a complex mystical analysis of the symbolic and historical foundations of the Word itself.

Volume One will cover material from Genesis 1-2:9, Revelation 1:1-1:11, Job 1, and The Gospel of John 1:1-1:34.

3. Siddur Sim Chamas—Prayers for Violence

This section will contain devotional material—rituals, prayers and invocations—grounded in the Praxis of Traditional Satanism.

In Volume One, this will take the form of revised manifestations of the “Liberating the Serpent” ritual found in the Sefer Damah, the construction and use of the three devotional tools in the Serpent Siddur, discussions of Sacred Time and Space, Festivals and Holidays, and the Klifotic Ketoret.

Subsequent volumes will offer new devotional rites, prayers and invocations that will fit into the Sinister Ethos expressed by this chapter.

While some of the material within this section of the work will present itself as being controversial, extreme, uncomfortably transgressive, or “edgy” in a way that contradicts and opposes all of my previous writing—which it does, in fact, do—it is meant to be held in perpetual tension with my previous writing, not to replace it. Indeed, I highly suggest extended study and mediation on the Spirit and Ethos of The Serpent Siddur (including my previous articles and interview) before serious practice with the new and “revised” material is approached.

As previously noted, practice is the key word of the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol. While so much of my earlier writing has been intentionally (and sometimes unintentionally) mysterious with regard to its metaphysical, metaphorical and mythical speculations, this work will aim to make that mysticism immanently practical for those seeking to do more than Read and Reflect. Indeed, this work is meant, first and foremost, as a call to Action.

4. Dogmatiki tou Skotous—The Dogmatics of Darkness

This will be the more theological/philosophical material to which my readers are accustomed but written in an effort to make the myths and metaphors expressed within immanently practical.

In Volume One you will find a discussion of the First Three Principles of Knowledge of the Nachash El Acher, which will provide an ungrounded-ground for the devotees Work of Ain within the Atzmut. It will be upon this symbolic foundation that the reader will come to understand, assimilate and synthesize the Knowledge revealed in each of the other chapters of the Work.

Each subsequent volume will add to and build upon these core principles, thereby strengthening the devotees bond to El Acher and the Other Side of Gnosis.

5. The Sefer Qarav/Badal—The Book of Drawing Near/Withdrawing

This chapter will contain the Goetic Rites of Evocation of the Chthonic Elohim of the Klifot—specifically, the 6661 Spirits of the Ultimate Legion of El Acher.

Each volume will describe 18 Spirits, including their sigils and associations, as well as discuss the acquisition, consecration and use of the necessary magical tools used in the rites of evocation.

Volume One will introduce the reader to the Unholy Crown and Blasphemous Roots of the Chthonic Trident—The Three Impure Spirits of Revelation 16:13, and the Klifotic Spirits who fall under their dominion within the Ultimate Legion of El Acher.



Table of Contents:

– Preface pg. 13
– Introduction pg. 15
– Kitvei Kodesh HaChol: Alogos Zanav pg. 19
– Sefer haTselel: Alogos Zanav II pg. 37
– Siddur Sim Chamas pg. 41
– Dogmatiki Tou Skotous pg. 79
– Sefer Qarav/Badal pg. 93
– The Alphabet of Open Silence, The 23 Letters of the (A)Logos Acher) pg. 123
– Echoes of the Past (Appendix) pg. 151



This is an ugly book—the Black Heart of the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol. There is no getting around this fact. It is also, at the very same time, a beautiful book—the True Heart of the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol. This fact can very easily be missed.

Volume II is a very focused work—much more so than the first. The Spirits upon which this book concentrates are the combined essences of those approached in the first volume of the Sefer Qarav/BadalAND Sefer HaAzharah, making them far more dangerous than either or both. Indeed, for this reason, I never expected to write about these Spirits of e Cross(roads) of Sin and Sacrifice…yet, now,here we are.

In many ways, the Spirits to be discussed in this volume are far more awful than even those Spirits of Affliction to be discussed at a later time—those Spirits whose hauntings and venomous presence(s) are capable of driving even the most stalwart minds to insanity.

Having said that, if one is able to master a relationship with the Spirits of this volume, she will truly be prepared for the Work Ahead, Beyond, Above, Behind and Beneath.

It goes without saying that very careful study of and practice with Volume I of the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol is crucial for success with this volume, just as the work of this volume will be necessary to find success with the third, and the third for the fourth, and so on. Yet, in very important respects, as the Heart of the Work at Hand, the text of Volume II is equally crucial for success with Volume I, just as it is to understanding everything that has come before and will come after.

Please read carefully, and act with even greater care.

Kenostauros Yamallophis Nikaousia

April 14th, 2016


The first volume of the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol was, in more ways than one, the End and the Beginning of the ultimate written manifestation of the Current 61, just as I had hoped that it would be. While many were anticipated, an equal number of these “Begendings” were quite unexpected, only coming into focus as the writing of the first volume drew to a close. Since completing the first volume, I have made adjustments to the text of this second volume to reflect these transformative experiences and as an effort to keep the material offered fresh, exciting and stimulating to the spiritual and intellectual growth of my readers—the ones in whose hands this work has its true meaning.

The Second Chapter of the Alogos Zanav, the First Book of theSerpents Scripture, remains in its original Revealed Form, though my interpretation of its Words, found in the Sefer HaTselel, has grown since first receiving Them.

Readers of the first volume will also find themselves on familiar ground in the continuation of the Siddur Sim Chamas and theDogmatiki tou Skotous; the former being grounded in the devotional rites of El Acher—in this case, focused on the prayers and invocations to the Spirits of the Cross(roads) of El and El Acher—and the latter exploring the fundamental principles of the Knowledge of the Etz/Mot.

The most profound changes between the first and second volumes are to be found in the Sefer Qarav/Badal, having decided that instead of continuing to explore the next 18 Spirits of the 6661 Klifotic Elohim of the Ultimate Legion of El Acher that I would instead discuss what I had only hinted at in the Sefer HaAzharah. That is, ritual work devoted to the Crossroads between the Klifotic Elohim and the Sefirotic Angels of the 7777.

To that end, a new set of 19 sigils will be provided, describing what are likely to be the most dangerous entities with whom any have ever worked: the Spirits of the Cross(roads) of Sin and Sacrifice; as well as the context for the manner in which Their sigils are to be used in the Rites of Otherness.

This, I hope, will provide a great deal of excitement for those readers who were not able to obtain a deluxe, devotee or special edition copy of the first volume, and especially for those who were.


I have also added a new additional chapter for all editions of the second volume:  The Alphabet of Open Silence: The 23 Letters of the (A)Logos ( The Logos Acher). This chapter will provide a fascinating look (both literally and figuratively) into the symbolism of the Language of the Other Side of Divinity that will add both depth to the Work at Hand and a powerful resource for the devotees Work with the Spirits along the Path of AIN.

I once again close the present volume with excerpts from what I consider to be my seminal term-paper while at Yale Divinity School, where I first made explicit my understanding of AIN (though not yet termed as such) as Radical Impossibility in, of all places, a footnote (indeed, the first volume of the Kitvei Kodesh HaChol is, without question, the first piece of writing of such length that I have produced without footnotes!).

I hope that the changes made to the present text are welcomed by those dedicated devotees who follow my writings and those new to my work alike, and that I have not attempted to move my readers too quickly along the Path. I simply felt that I gave so much more than I had ever expected in the first volume that I, and you, had earned the advancement of the second.

Praised be the Serpent of Golgotha!

Hail Christos Ha-Satan / Satan Ha-Christos!

Hail Nachash Ha-Mashiach!

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KITVEI KODESH HaCHOL Volume 1 & 2 by Matthew Wightman - Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover KITVEI KODESH HaCHOL Volume 1 & 2 by Matthew Wightman - Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover
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