LIBER CORONZOM: An Enochian Grimoire by A.D. Mercer (Deluxe DEVOTEE Edition Bound in Leather and Marbled Board in Custom Slipcase) Import


LIBER CORONZOM: An Enochian Grimoire by A.D. Mercer (Deluxe DEVOTEE Edition Bound in Leather and Marbled Board in Custom Slipcase) Import

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One of only 13 hand numbered and custom bound in leather and marbled boards with custom made traycase


From the Publisher:

Liber Coronzom is a hands on approach to Enochian magic, cutting through all the superfluous material and focusing instead on the original Dee Manuscripts and their application, thus making it a genuine grimoire of practical magic Culled from years of personal experience and research, Liber Coronzom offers a different approach to interacting with the Enochian angels; first encountered by Dr. John Dee on the late 16th century. Liber Coronzom also reveals how the name Coronzom itself has been misspelt since it first appeared in print in 1659, and examines how this error may have come about. Liber Coronzom is also the first work to correlate the Dee material with contemporary grimoires to give a more complete picture of practical magical work of the mid to late 16th Century.

Most importantly Liber Coronzom highlights a genuine, hitherto unexplored, short cut into the final 10 Aethyric realms. However, to achieve this, one must first confront Coronzom himself in order to make this transition. It is the first time such a short cut has been identified and is therefore unique to this work.

Liber Coronzom is also the first work to examine this Enochian archetype in the light of eastern mysticism and Jungian psychology.

Liber Coronzom is divided into three books. Beginning with an examination of the origins of the Enochian System and how it was first revealed to Dr. John Dee, in particular the origins of The Demon of the Abyss – Coronzom

Book 1 – Liber Hermetica. The first part of book one offers insights into traditional Western Hermetic Magic and includes practical rituals designed to empower the aspirant before moving onto true Enochian magic. These include some reworking of traditional rituals tailoring them to the Enochian system. The later part offers clear instructions for the preparation for the work to come, including instructions drawn from Dees own diaries and from personal experimentation by the author.

Book 2 – Liber Enochia begins with an examination of the nature and possible history of the Enochian language prior to Dr. John Dee. Liber Enochia then moves on to a detailed exposition of the means and method of communicating with the Enochian realms and the entities, which inhabit them. Liber Enochia includes detailed rituals and incantations, drawn directly from Dees own hand, and compiles them into a fully workable system of exploration and invocations, including the aforementioned direct route into the heart of the Enochian system. This includes rituals to activate the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, opening and exploring the Four Great Watchtowers, and finally to the confrontation to Coronzom.

Book 3 – Liber Aethyrica, the final book takes us beyond the Abyss and on to a journey through the nine highest Aethyrs. This book includes a new transcription of the Call of the Aethyrs the lengthy incantation, which opens up these highest realms. This is followed by descriptions of the authors own direct experiences of the highest Enochian realms.

Liber Coronzom finishes with a number of commentaries and appendices exploring in greater detail the most significant aspects of the entire work. The grimoire finally ends with an examination of Coronzom as an example of the Shadow Archetype from Jungian analytical psychology, the first time such a study has been undertaken.

* * *

Table of Contents:

The contents
Introduction – Who is Coronzom? Preparation and the manner of working

BOOK 1 – Liber Hermetica

Liber Hermetica
Fourfold Breathing- preparation exercise The Null point – Clear mind
The White Light – Ritual cleansing
The Pentagram Ritual
Communion with your Holy Guardian Angel The Akefalon Invocation
The Chaos of Chaos

BOOK 2 – Liber Enochia

Liber Enochia
On the nature of the Enochian Language and its History
The Ritual Dagger – Tool of working
The Banishing of Enochian Entities
John Dees daily oration
IAD the God Most High – Who is IAD
Formula of the seal of IAD – Sigillum Dei Ameth meditations
The Ritual of the Aethyric Empowerment
Ritual of the Black Cross
Kellys vision of the four Watchtowers
The Supreme Ritual of the Black Cross – Opening of the Watchtowers Formula for the opening the gate of ZAX – The Summoning of the Governors The Adulation of Coronzom- a meditation
The Grand Invocation of Coronzom

BOOK 3 – Liber Aethyrica

Liber Aethyrica
Visions of Coronzom
The Vision Quest beyond the Abyss
The Call of the Aethyrs – A new Transcription The Highest and final Nine Enochian Calls Contemplation before ZIP – A Moments pause Vision of …. (The last nine Aethyrs) Gmicalzoma

The Appendix

Commentary upon The Akephalon Ritual
Commentary upon The Supreme Ritual of the Black Cross Commentary upon the Grand Invocation of Coronzom Commentary upon Liber Aethyrica
Magical dictionary


Coronzom: The Shadow Archetype Bibliography


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LIBER CORONZOM: An Enochian Grimoire by A.D. Mercer (Deluxe DEVOTEE Edition Bound in Leather and Marbled Board in Custom Slipcase) Import LIBER CORONZOM: An Enochian Grimoire by A.D. Mercer (Deluxe DEVOTEE Edition Bound in Leather and Marbled Board in Custom Slipcase) Import
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