LIBER ISFET: The Grimoire of the Mesu Betesh by Lucas N (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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LIBER ISFET: The Grimoire of the Mesu Betesh by Lucas N (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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Typhonian Edition: Limited to 300 copies, this hardcover edition is bound in dark red Italian cloth,  with the Sigil of Isfet embossed in the front. The spines are hand-sewn, and as it’s the case with the Hekau Edition, we will be using a cream colored paper and black end-papers.

Specifications: Octavo size (148 x 210 mm.), 90 g. voluminous two side-coated paper with 120 g. red end-papers. 150 pages.

To unearth something from the chthonic depths and to resurrect its name is an audacious yet blessing taskTo awaken a power shunned in such way that threatened and still threatens those with fear of changesthose who feared and fear themselves and embrace in blind euphoria their own chainssince the birth of humanity – this work is not for them.

ISFET is all and nothing, the primeval unfathomable chaos that inhabits all of its children, an everlasting menace to the created world since the birth of time. No attempt at deepening the Isfetic cult has been made so far, not even in a so-called “academic” way, neither “esoteric” nor “exoteric” attempts can be found in the history of writing. The only knowledge on the forces of Isfet accessible to the student devoted to the occult are the parchments and studies about its most known manifestations: “Set-Typhon” and “Apep”, and even these sources are poor and incomplete. Keeping this in mind, the adept can see how far the work on Liber Isfet: The Grimoire of the Mesu Betesh has gone and its undeniable relevance.

Liber Isfet: The Grimoire of the Mesu Betesh is the first and fundamental grimoire devoted to Ancient Egyptian Chaos-Worship, (or Anti-cosmic Satanism; this may be a neologism, but the cult itself is pre-historical; sects imbued with Anti-Cosmic thought go back to immemorial times) as a whole. Liber Isfet is not only attached to the Egyptian lore, but it expands its scope to the manifestations of Isfet in all times, places, circumstances, and approaches. Chaos is timelessness. All ritualistic work/practice on this book are directed to the forces of lawlessness and timelessness.

The focus of this work is not to reduce the unknown to the known/familiar, having in mind that it would only bring intellectual frustration and be a disservice to the true adept. The focus of this book is to incite and poison the minds of those who eagerly await, in ecstasy, for the liberating venom; the focus is to expand the wounds on this creation, so Isfet itself can break through, once and for all, when the time comes, just as the ancient Egyptian society recognized and feared. To achieve these goals, Liber Isfet: The Grimoire of the Mesu Betesh is divided into two parts, the “theoretical” (elucidations, researches, history, insights) and the “practical” (rituals, amulets, formulas, prayers, sigils).

The figure of Isfet appeals to not only those with an inclination toward the Egyptian pantheon; as the first deification of Chaos, Isfet is one of the most obscure gods of Chaos in human history and anyone attracted to the Anti-cosmic current will find an affinity in this primordial force.



Isfet and the prrimitive Egyptian cosmology

The Ogdoad

On the principles of gender and sexuality

Myths, The bridge between the divine and mundane realms

The power inherent in images and words

Isfet – Lawlesness

Lawlessness – Transgression and Crime – Metaphysical outlaws

Mesu Betesh and the Ordeal

On the role of dreams

About Initiation



Children of Apep: Fiends of the Underworld – Sigils of the Mesu Betesh

On the Temple and ritualistic apparatus


Ritual works


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