LIBER LILITH by Donald Tyson – 2nd Deluxe Edition Quarter Bound in leather and Marbled Boards

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LIBER LILITH by Donald Tyson – 2nd Deluxe Edition Quarter Bound in leather and Marbled Boards

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Starfire Publishing, London, 2015. Deluxe Hardcover. 308 pages, limited to 91 copies bound in quarter leather with custom slipcase.

About the book:

Liber Lilith is a powerful and disturbing novel which tells the story of an unfortunate German occultist, Karl Steiger. A lost Gnostic creation text, rediscovered by chance in a secondhand bookshop in Berlin, contains shocking revelations that turn the biblical story of Genesis on its head. It was not the God of the Old Testament who created Adam from the things of the earth, but Lilith, the Queen of Hell and Mistress of Demons, and it was Lilith who visited Eve in the form of a wise serpent to free her from her prison of ignorance by feeding her the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

Incorporated with the creation text is a complete Gnostic grimoire describing a potent system of sex magic by which Lilith may be summoned for erotic union. Sex with Lilith is said to grant the magician certain occult gifts, leading ultimately to complete spiritual liberation.

The diary of the unfortunate German magician who rediscovered this lost Gnostic text and made experiments with the grimoire portion is appended as a caution to those who might regard the caresses of Lilith as no more than an amusing diversion. Be warned! Her love is never given lightly, and once received, cannot be casually cast aside.

Donald Tyson is a Canadian writer who presently makes his home on the island of Cape Breton, on the northern tip of the province of Nova Scotia. He has been studying and writing about practical magic for four decades, and is the author of numerous books on all aspects of the Western esoteric tradition, as well as many occult novels and stories.

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