LUCIFER ILLUMINATIO MEA by A.I. – Framed limited edition print from IXAXAAR


LUCIFER ILLUMINATIO MEA by A.I. – Framed limited edition print from IXAXAAR

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Limited edition art print of only 66 copies of “Lucifer Illuminatio Mea” artwork in a black ornamental, old baroque style frame, printed on Hahnemühle William Turner artpaper. The art with frames is 31,5cm tall and 26,5cm width, and comes with D-rings and a stand for alternative ways of displaying (both on the wall and on a table). Each framed print is finished with a vintage golden placard on the backside.

NOTE: Layaway is not available for this item.

“Lucifer Illuminatio Mea” 

was painted on the 5th of August 2008, by A.I.

From the White Darkness to the Night of Luciferian Light 

The horns of the moon are turned upwards representing powers which are waxing in ascent. The blood is spilt to remind of sacrifices that need to be given in order to receive. The arc on the background symbolize the form of the vessel meant to be filled with the Force of Divinity and spill out when filled to the brim the Azoth and shatter that which restricts. In the Center of the work is an eye aflame, the eternal symbol of the Piercing Wisdom of Satan-Lucifer. The crescents are bound together by a full moon, the never-ending circle embracing all parts of the whole. In the centre the Essence of Lucifer, as burning Fire and Spirit of Wisdom and knowledge. In the front of the work, the eyes of Wolf showing the becoming upon the Path, shattering the chains; The final Liberation.



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