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MAGUS: Volumes 1 & 2 by Baron and Baronessa Araignee – Hardcover Edition


MAGUS: Volumes 1 & 2 by Baron and Baronessa Araignee – Hardcover Edition

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This is a revised hardcover edition published in 2019,   Book is in fine unread condition.

Magus, the twin-grimiores of theurgy and astrology has finally been released! These two tomes come as a set – as both of them are intricately tied to one another like celestial lovers in an eternal embrace. This twin-grimiore is split up into two volumes – entitled The Host and The Firmament.

Magus: The Host concerns the art and practice of Theurgy – the employment and directing of Celestial Intelligences (known to some as “angels”). Know now that Celestial Beings are not fluffy-white-winged bringers of light – no, the light they bring can either bring forth growth and empowerment or immolate like the blazing surface of the Sun itself. They themselves by their very nature are neutral, neither “good” nor “bad”…neither “light” nor “dark” – popular culture, religion and misconception have tarnished their visage to that of mindless cherubic servants. This first volume brings to light their true natures, their application and employment, their power – we have delved into their Celestial currents and bring to you not only their history and the theory of Theurgy, but in our trademark manner, we present Theurgy to you in a complete practical system, without the nonsense included in most forms of this ancient art. Do not expect smiling faces when opening this tome, but legions of powerful creators and destroyers, ready to follow your commands if you only take charge! The Host contains rituals, seals, spellwork, instruction on evocation and communication and far more.

Magus: The Firmament concerns the art and practice of Astrology and Planetary Magick in the ancient traditions of the Romans, the Greeks, the Arabs, the Persians, the Egyptians and others. This tome will not speak of anything regarding modern astrology which is commonly encountered today, as modern astrology has become a vague shadow of it’s true and original self. Magus: The Firmament will teach you planetary magick and astrology in a simple and lucid way, teaching you on how to harness the power of the heavens in all that you do…which is not only applicable to Celestial practices, but to any and all practices of the magickal arts! The Firmament contains rituals, spellwork, amulets, talismans and more.

We say: ENOUGH!

No longer will you need to supplicate those Spirits and powers. No longer will you marvel at their arcane might. No longer will you be a slave to misconceptions!

YOU – yes, YOU can take the power of a Titan and create your own reality through Will. We will teach you…

Remember, the Hexagrammaton is not simply a book, it is our own personal paradigm. We have helped countless of clients as well as ourselves by using this tome.

We decree by our own divine law and will that this is not the Age of Satan, Lucifer or any other external construct…this is the age of the Titan! Mankind rules this world and governs their own destiny! No god/dess will subjugate their will upon the crown of humanity! You are the creator, the destroyer and all is subject under your Will according to your Will.

Take the power which is rightfully yours and drown the ignorant deep with the golden light of Prometheus!

The Hexagrammaton is the panacea of magick! But don’t let us convince you…

You will discover the truth behind countless misconceptions. What exactly is this thing called a soul? How to project your Will and almost instantly manifest desire. Shaping and molding energy to create change. Transmuting your soul, yes – changing your actual being into something much better and much more powerful!

These points above are just some of the principalities we will teach you within this great work. Make no mistake, it is extremely powerful and we guarantee that it will change your life forever.

If you decide to purchase the Hexagrammaton, you will not only receive a wealth of knowledge and power, but our support. We will be available online to answer ANY question you may have on the subject matter. You won’t need an appointment, simply contact us.

In time, we will make courses available on this tome.


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MAGUS: Volumes 1 & 2 by Baron and Baronessa Araignee - Hardcover Edition MAGUS: Volumes 1 & 2 by Baron and Baronessa Araignee - Hardcover Edition
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