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MALEVOLENCE by Vadge Moore (Limited Edition Hardcover) Import


MALEVOLENCE by Vadge Moore (Limited Edition Hardcover) Import

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Publication specification:

– Malevolence will be printed in an edition of 200 exemplars of the  hardcover Standard Edition.

– The cover will be quarter leather bound to the spine, and dark grey Italian linen cloth bound to the front and back boards.

– The front cover will be adorned with a huge sigil silver foil stamp and the spine will be printed with silver foil lettering.

– The internal book-block is a soft tone, bone white 120 grams paper.

– The page-count for this title is 184 pages total.

From the Publisher:

Malevolence is a collection of prose by author and musician Vadge Moore. Sinking into the darkest depths of his subconscious, Mr. Moore brings light to the predatory instincts, perversions and strange neuroses of his not so very beautiful mind.

Combining the previously published Chthonic Prose with his new work Meonic MonstersMalevolence will take you on a journey through Hell. This journey will not leave the reader unscathed but it is a journey that will certainly open the readers mind to those sinister caverns of the Id in which the boundaries that normally separate good from evil are brutally transcended. Enjoy the ride.

Vadge Moore is an author and musician whose previous band was The Dwarves and currently the noise band Chthonic Force. His first book Chthonic Prose & Theory was initially published in 2009. For more information go to or go to his Author page on Facebook.

Introduction of the book Malevolence:

The prose in this book almost destroyed me. Every piece was like some angry, hungry beast viciously tearing at my heart, mind and soul. Living through the writing of this work was truly an ordeal and ordeals are an intrinsic part of the initiates path. It can drive a weak man mad but a strong man will walk through that madness and experience the full joy of existence. 

Initiation is not an escape; it causes profound suffering. Real initiation will rip to shreds every bit of safety and security that you ever relied upon. You will come to the full realization that your tiny, insignificant ego is shit, is useless, is nothing. This will open your eyes to a new world, a more subtle world of astral energies and whisperings of intuitional messages. A new “electricity” will be opened to you; a new power and a new understanding will be at hand. However, one must descend into Hell in order to reach this Heaven. This is a dangerous path. The initiate, at the start, will be assailed by his or her own neuroses, perversions and complexes. These complexes must be resolved, or at least understood, before the aspirant can move forward. Of course, in initiation, as in life, things are never quite so cut and dried. These complexes can linger. With a firm understanding of the ordeals and a valid, legal and non-lethal means of expressing them, these perversions and complexes can be a wonderful avenue for deep, creative expression. 

The world of the occult is within you. To reach this strange city you must descend into the caverns of Self and experience the Hell that resides there. This is what I hope to have illustrated within the pages of this book; you may either descend into the deepest depths of the psyche or allow these Plutonic eruptions to bring the depths to you. Regardless of the path that you tread it is always just below the conscious ego; it is your shadow, it is your permanent friend…it is your ego’s nightmare. 

Enjoy this book, if you so will…in whatever capacity that you can,



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MALEVOLENCE by Vadge Moore (Limited Edition Hardcover) Import MALEVOLENCE by Vadge Moore (Limited Edition Hardcover) Import
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