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Myrkþursablót : Nightside of the Old Norse Mythology by Niðafjöll & Wilthijaz Yggr – Limited Edition in Custom Slipcase


Myrkþursablót : Nightside of the Old Norse Mythology by Niðafjöll & Wilthijaz Yggr – Limited Edition in Custom Slipcase

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One of only 90 hand numbered hardcover copies in custom slipcase. Book is in new unread condition.

Published by Fall of Man

From the publisher:

After the 2018 second edition that sold as quickly as the first, Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology returns with its ultimate incarnation. With an all-new layout, a larger format and several thousand words of new material, this is the definitive edition of the book, re-introducing us to the author’s perspective on the subject, while we wait for the release of its already in the works follow-up. The newest additions, aside from aesthetic and editorial, included a brand new chapter dedicated to further understanding the Uþark rune row. Diving deeply into the breakdown of this rune row provides further insight into its uses within not only the Myrþursablót practice and current but esoteric and occult rune magick as a whole. Also added are two new bindrunes created well after the 2nd pressing; these two new bindrunes, the Myrkþursablót and Ginnheilagruna bindrunes, are excellent compliments to this new Nifl-based edition that provide a deeper understanding to how Niðafjöll  approaches his work.

Known by many names, the nightside of the Norse-Germanic spiritual path is a self-directed journey towards initiation into the secrets as embodied by the runes, transiting towards the harmonious silence of the void before creation was formed through the collision of fire and ice (the union of opposites to create the moving universe we as living creatures experience). In initiatory and devoted practice revering forces such as the þursar, the student seeks to initiate his or herself into the black arts of northern antiquity and meld into the eternal silence of Ginnungagap, shaking the chains of existence within the nine worlds. There are many parallels one could draw from other Left-Hand Path traditions to this one, such as the karmic cycle in the Puranic tradition. This system is designed to be an initiatory path using the rune rows and the shamanic gateways they represent, so that one may make a personal exit from this universe ruled by the poles of duality. Myrkþursablót, or Dark Þursian Worship, is a look into the primordial gateway to learn its ethereal secrets of fire and ice in order to unchain one’s spirit from the restraints of the mortal world. A journey through the untamed wilderness of darkness as one wades through treacherous tests of inner conflict, as the spirit fights to unleash itself from the prison of flesh, and ascend into the true light to obtain the secrets of the runes from the oldest beings. The keepers of all hidden wisdom, knowledge, secrets and magic. The Þurs.
The dark tradition of Norse spirituality does not place acknowledgment on the Æsir as keepers of the truth, but instead on the Þursar, the oldest beings. It is through them that the hidden secrets of the runes and the ancient wisdom is obtained. They are not to be seen as gods, but as teachers the adept wishes to commune with in order to garner knowledge for their own use.  They are the sons and daughters of Aurgelmir, who was born from the infinite void before time was time.

Throughout the pages of Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology the authors introduce us to the dark world of the Þurs, analyzing their attributes and characteristics so that the reader may benefit from a deeper understanding of these primordial forces. It is through this understanding that the reader may make proper use of the runes and sigils presented and described in this book, with the ultimate goal of reaching true illumination.

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