OF THE ARTE GOETIA by Colin Campbell (Limited Edition Hardcover)


OF THE ARTE GOETIA by Colin Campbell (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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York Beach, Maine, USA: Teitan Press, 2015. First Edition Hardcover. Small Quarto. viii + 280pp. Bound in high quality black cloth, with a gilt design stamped on the front cover, blind rules; gilt-lettered spine. Sewn, printed on acid free paper. Black endpapers. Diagrams and seals. Standard Edition limited to 720 hand-numbered copies.

A significant new study of the Goetia, by Colin Campbell, author of “The Magic Seal of Dr. John Dee.” In this work Campbell examines the evolution of the text known as Goetia, from the proto-Goetia of Wier’s “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum”, through the first English translation in Scot’s “Discoverie of Witchcraft”, and finally to the English language manuscripts from which most modern editions are drawn. Campbell reproduces the significant passages of each of these sources side-by-side, highlighting their differences, and allowing him to correct a number of errors, lacunae or redactions that the comparisons reveal. His researches also shed light on a number of obscure internal references, the meaning of which only becomes apparent when the viewed in the context of the historical development of the texts. Whilst largely an historical/textual exploration, Campbell also includes a short chapter in which he reflects on approaches to working with the forces of the Goetia. NEW book, fine condition. No dust jacket issued

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