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ORDER OF THE SKELETON KEY by Jeremy Christner (Signed and Sigilized Deluxe Limited Edition Hardcover)


ORDER OF THE SKELETON KEY by Jeremy Christner (Signed and Sigilized Deluxe Limited Edition Hardcover)

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One of only 100 deluxe, signed, sigilized and numbered copies. 200 pages. Book is in fine unread condition

Published in 2011 by Lux Ferous Press

About this book:

The Podium Edition is a deluxe hardcover edition bound in black leatherette with title stamped on the cover and spine in silver foil, with black endpapers and a black ribbon bookmark adhered in the spine’s construction – a truly beautiful and display-worthy edition.

Consisting of the Gnostic texts, Kosmology, and Lanterns of Wisdom From the Firmament, both texts in their entirety with multiple heretofore unreleased chapters included.

I speak to you of darkness, of night. I beckon you to be consumed, astounded and swayed by its rhetoric. Hear its words, see its formless face, and know that the gate through which you now must pass is open now to you alone. Lucifer, the mentor of the proud few, grants his students fragments of Truth throughout their lives, fragments which ultimately culminate into one grand picture. Kosmology is but a recording of the Truth granted to the author thus far in his life. Fusing Gnostic Theogony from antiquity and modern Theoretical Physics, as well as a number of sources of Classical Philosophical thought, Kosmology emerges with a new, coherent take on Luciferian Philosophy.

Lanterns…beacons of illumination in the Darkness, casting knowledge upon the ignorant. Each of the 27 chapters housed in Lanterns of Wisdom from the Firmament illustrates a unique sentiment, each Lantern revealing a unique face of Gnosis. At once beautiful and blasphemous, stacking meaning upon meaning, Lanterns is a fountain of eternal revelation; Lanterns is the holy scripture of a Luciferian’s faith.


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