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RITUALS OF PLEASURE: Sex, Magic & Demonic Possession by Asenath Mason – Hardcover Edition

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RITUALS OF PLEASURE: Sex, Magic & Demonic Possession by Asenath Mason – Hardcover Edition

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Hardcover edition is in new unread condition. 253 pages.

Sex magic has always been the most attractive and unholy magical practice. It holds great power and potential, but it needs to be understood to be applied successfully. Using sexuality to empower magic and make rituals more effective is an idea that has been present in the Western Esoteric Tradition for ages. However, it has been demonized and hidden for so long that normal magicians have never awakened their true sexual power.

Today we unleash this transcendent force. Finally, it comes out of the closet forever…

Both Sex And Sorcery Have Been Demonized For Millennia… Today We Commit The Worst Sin Of All And Perform Them Together
Old authors of medieval Right Hand Path grimoires often scare-mongered the “dirtiness” of sex — and many traditional white magicians still do today. They warned of dire consequences if a magician approached rituals “impure” and thus demanded celibacy for days, weeks, or even months before performing a magical operation. They deemed sexual energy to be “filthy” and “debasing” to hygiene of the soul. Even worse, orthodox Abrahamic faiths have imposed a blanket prohibition on sexual exploration for millennia, calling it “sinful” and “evil” altogether.

As magic evolves further toward the Left Hand Path and away from the Right Hand Path, our views of sex magic become healthier. Black magic expresses and honors sexual energy, while white magic represses and shames it.

In modern time, magical views of sexuality have evolved dramatically with occult pioneers like Maria de Naglowska, Paschal Beverly Randolph, Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley. They overthrew the unhealthy, sex-phobic views of their predecessors and instead promoted sex as an ultra-powerful tool of spiritual transcendence, ecstasy, and physical health, showing that humans can harness their sex drive for self-transformation and fulfillment of desires. They taught their followers in private how to transmute this liberating force for personal gnosis and power. However, strict conservative culture of that era caused knowledge of sex magic to remain a dangerous taboo hidden in occult lodges for a privileged few only.

My new, demonic, sex magic grimoire — Rituals of Pleasure — carries this Torch of Enlightenment into the New Millennium. It brings this sinister body of knowledge out of the closet openly for the first time ever.

How To Harness Your Lust, Orgasm And “Orgone” With Magic Rituals To Reach A New Height Of Personal Transcendence
In the 20th century, an eccentric Austrian psychoanalyst named Wilhelm Reich performed elaborate experiments to measure and collect sexual energy. As a radical sexologist, he believed sexual energy to be the main driving force behind the whole social and inner life of an individual. He went as far as to claim that sexuality exists a force in its own right, like electricity or gravity, and that it can be stored in an organism like a battery. He named this mysterious force “orgone” by combining the words “orgasm” and “hormone” and compared it to the concept of a universal life force.

Sexual excitement can be stored in an organism like a battery and then discharged as an orgasm to experience the summit of human transcendence.

He defined orgasm as the discharge of this accumulated force, releasing a person from their dammed-up sexual excitation, which otherwise can be harmful to their health. He believed that excess amounts of sexual energy cause many common disorders, both physical and mental, and he advocated sex in treatment of schizophrenia and depression.

Regardless of whether traditional psychology has adopted his therapy, the fact remains that our sexual drives and desires are a power in themselves. They have a mystical ability to regenerate, transform and change us. This explains why the connection between sex and magic is so important and why many practitioners view sexual fulfillment as essential to spiritual fulfillment.

This is the fundamental premise behind Rituals of Pleasure.

Your No-Holds-Barred Guide To 100% Left Hand Path Sex Magic… Finally, A No-Bullshit Guide To Erotic Demonology And Occult Kink
Why write another book on sex magic? There are many excellent sources on the subject, and I have provided some of them in the bibliography included in this book. However, while doing my research, I have found that most of these sex magic manuals are written from a male perspective. Some of them include the female point of view as well, but generally, the female perspective is rare, and those rare sources usually emphasize the emotional side of sex without talking of using it in a practical way.

This guilt-free grimoire provides the first female perspective on sex magic dedicated 100% to the Left Hand Path in a modern, uncensored context. It helps both men and women equally to liberate their sexual energy without shame.

Furthermore, no truly Left Hand Path sex grimoire like Rituals of Pleasure has ever remotely existed for one main reason: Right Hand Path orthodoxy has dominated the occult landscape for a millennia and they plainly prohibited black magic, let alone black sex magic.

Mainstream books on sex magic today combine conventional “love and light” rites from Wicca with vanilla “sex tips” from Cosmopolitan magazine. In other words, the existent literature largely classifies as white magic, which alienates sincere black magicians who aspire for demonic gnosis. Moreover, the “supernatural romance” genre of film and literature has never been more popular, but that too has been whitewashed, sanitized, and just plain inaccurate at times.

You could reasonably call my grimoire the most sinister guide to erotic demonology in the world today — and it has been badly needed. It would utterly horrify the grandmothers of white witchcraft, because it explains in vivid detail how to:

Perform orgasm rites to summon demon lovers in astral orgies
Give birth to demonic children for a spirit family
Feast on sexual energy in rituals of vampiric frenzy
Mix & consume potions of moon blood, semen, and vaginal fluid
Undergo sexual initiation with Lilith, Samael & the Angels of Prostitution
Utilize BDSM, kinks, and deprivation in group magic ritual
Turn your body into a naked vessel for demonic possession
And how to have MANY more sinful, whorish, magical experiences that liberate you and allow you to reach new heights of personal transcendence…
In full honesty, a number of dyed in the wool, lifelong black magicians might find several of these illicit, diabolical acts shocking or beyond the pale. If for no other reason, I have penned this grimoire so that this body of knowledge exists on record for any human to explore. While I hope you will try them yourself, it would not bother me if you never did; these magic practices simply need to be known.

To summarize: Rituals of Pleasure is a complete working manual for a modern practitioner of the Left Hand Path who is interested in experimenting with sexual energy for sake of personal development. It fills a historical and intellectual gap to show that sex magic is a healthy, important part of magic that can enhance your rituals in many significant ways. Together we look at the most forbidden areas of sex magic, and provide you proven techniques to awaken and harness one of your greatest personal powers: your sex drive.

We Will Undress The Most Forbidden Areas Of Sinister Sexuality Together
The list below is a glimpse of what you will learn in this book, with a brief overview of what every chapter contains:

Chapter 1: Demon Lovers
In the first chapter, you will learn about myths and legends of succubi and incubi. We will take a look at ancient accounts and medieval folklore, discussing the nature of sex with spirits, both in medieval and modern times, and speaking about how much truth is in all these stories.

Chapter 2: Sex, Possession And Dream Magic
In this part of the book, we will talk about sex magic in general and discuss popular magical techniques that will be used throughout this book to work with sexual energy. These techniques include astral magic and lucid dreaming, invocation and possession, evocation and spirit encounters, working with sigils and talismans, and inner fire/Kundalini practice. We will speak about advantages and disadvantages of working alone and with a partner as well as those of indulgence and abstinence. We will also take a look at potential dangers of sex magic.

Chapter 3: In The Garden Of Lilith
Here you will learn about Lilith, the legendary seductress and mother of succubi and incubi, her Qliphothic realm on the dark side of the moon, and her role in sexual initiations. In this chapter, we will also discuss methods to summon a demon lover and I will present them on the example of a ritual of Lilitu, showing how to work physically with an incubus or succubus by using orgasm and pleasure as a vehicle for astral and dream experience.

Chapter 4: Erotic Dreams
In this chapter we will focus on sex without any physical contact or the so called “non-corporeal” or “out of body sex,” discussing astral and lucid dreaming techniques to work with sexual energy. Here you will also learn how to become an incubus or succubus yourself and have sex with whomever you want, wherever you want, and in whatever way you want it.

Chapter 5: The Feast Of Flesh
In this chapter, we will discuss the physical aspects of sex with spirits and deities, and we will work with the body as a temple through rites of invocation and possession. These workings are meant for couples, but they can be adjusted and used also by solitary practitioners. We will speak about Lilith and Samael, how to work with them, and how their sexual gnosis can be used for the sake of self-initiation.

Chapter 6: Unholy Sabbat
The subject of this chapter is sexual gnosis achieved through the Witches’ Sabbat. We will take a look at the folklore underlying the concept of the Sabbat, speak about nocturnal gatherings and their symbolic meaning, and present traditional Sabbatic techniques: trances and liminal states, magic potions and ointments, practices of exhaustion and sensory deprivation, and many others. We will also discuss sex as a force of personal transgression on the example of a ritual of Diana and Lucifer.

Chapter 7: The Vampire
Here you will learn about astral vampirism and sexual vampires. We will take a look at the folklore of vampirism and see how much truth is in the legends of sexual predators assaulting people in their sleep. In this chapter, you will also find out about practical techniques of astral vampirism and learn how to summon a vampiric spirit through dream magic and how to transform yourself into an astral vampire.

Chapter 8: The Witch Moon
In this chapter, we will speak about female magic, witchcraft and the use of menstrual blood and female sexual energy in astral practice. You will learn here how the “blood of the moon” can be used in a practical way, alone and mixed with male sexual fluids, and what magical values and qualities these substances have in legends and in the modern context.

Chapter 9: Blood And Sacrifice
Magic discussed in this chapter involves practices of pain, rites of domination and submission, works of deprivation and exhaustion, and magical trances induced by the gnosis of fear and depletion. We will speak about BDSM and how it can be used in magical context. We will also go back to the very roots of sacred sexuality and discuss the role of the Angels of Prostitution in sex magic on the example of a ritual of Naamah as a “sacred harlot.”

Chapter 10: The Alcove Of Fornication
This chapter is dedicated to pacts and long-term relationships with spirit lovers. We will speak here about possible advantages and disadvantages of sexual liaisons and “sacred marriages” with spirits and deities, and I will also provide a sample ritual of entering a pact with a spirit lover, presented on the example of Leanan Sidhe, the “phantom mistress.”

Chapter 11: Demonic Children
The last chapter will show you how you can use sex for self-creation instead of procreation. We will also speak about the concept of magical “procreation” and “magical children,” presenting myths and legends behind such practices and discussing how we can use these ideas in the modern context.

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