Sacerdotium Umbrae Mortis by Gilles De Laval (Special Devotee Edition Bound in Goatskin 1 of 21) Import


Only 21 copies produced!!!
(Deluxe Devotee Edition bound in goatskin individually hand numbered copies) 

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Sacerdotium Umbrae Mortis 
by G. de Laval
Only 21 copies produced!!!
(Deluxe Devotee Edition bound in goatskin individually hand numbered copies) 
Published by Aeon Sophia Press 
Book is in "NEW" unread condition

192 pages, 120 grams paper book block 

One of only 21 hand numbered copies. 

From the publisher: 

“The book is a complete system of initiation and ascension in the grades of The Priesthood of the Shadows of Death, an order of predatory sorcerors who specialize in the practice of energy vampirism and in the necromantic conjuration of revenant phantom shades from the eleven hells of the Qliphoth.
The system is based on meticulous research into the eleven tribes of Canaan, enemies of the Right-Hand Path who esoterically represent eleven classes of hostile, predatory vampiric shadow forms who emanate from hells of black magick and the anti-world of death. Multiple levels of correspondences and esoteric enumerations are given as well as conjuration sigils and numerous seals and illustrations so that the initiate can ritually evoke not only these necromantic shades, but their ruling princes.
The grimoire, when studied and used properly, allows brave magicians to ascend in exotic spheres of consciousness and power by communion with and transmogrification by these venomous Lords of the Abyss. Included are various lists of attributes of vampirism, the four stages of initiation, four grades of mastery, tables of days, hours, and elemental and planetary correspondences suitable for infernal conjuration, and complete descriptions of the panoply, implements and rites of vampiric necromancy that comprise the order of Sacerdotium Umbrae Mortis.”

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